Terry Richardson calls internet abuse a “witch hunt”


Photographer Terry Richardson has come under much scrutiny over the past few months with many claims from models and other sources that he is a “pervert” and stories of things that have happened on photoshoots.

Terry wrote a piece entitled ‘Correcting the Rumours’ which was printed in full by The Huffington Post on Friday hoping to clear his name and allow people a glimpse into the type of photographer that he is.

“Four years ago, I chose to primarily ignore a cycle of internet gossip and false accusation against me … when these allegations resurfaced over the past few months, they seemed especially vicious and distorted … an emotionally charged witch hunt.”

“I have come to relaise that absent my voice in the conversation, all that remains are lies.”

The photographer has shot many famous faces from Miranda Kerr, Jared Leto to Obama and even directed Miley’s infamous ‘Wrecking Ball’ video.

Terry finished the piece saying: “I can only hope for this discourse to be informed by fact, so that whether yo love my work, or hate it, you give it, and me, the benefit of the truth.”