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If you’re over 5’8” in height, then chances are your options are relatively limited when it comes to picking up jeans on the high street.

While some stores claim to cater to the longer-legged among us, only the ladies teetering perilously close to the six foot mark (and over) know what a genuinely long pair of jeans should look and feel like.

Having to shave your ankles because you want to rock a pair of denims is not on, and we won’t stand for it.

With that in mind, here are our top picks from stores that don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes when it comes to long-length jeans (and no, it’s not because they can’t reach us.)

Get stuck in, ladies.

TALL Rich Indigo Jamie Jean €55.00

We are all over these high-waisted beauties from Topshop.

Super-soft and stretchy, these are the perfect jeans to dress up or dress down.

Tall Blue High Waisted Superskinny Jeans €29.99

When it comes to the tall department, New Look have it absolutely nailed.

Team these super-skinny jeans with an over-sized T-shirt and plimsols for an uber-casual look.

Tall Indigo Skinny Jeans €20.00

Like a LBD, no woman's wardrobe is complete without a pair of dark denim skinnies.

Teamed with killer heels or dressed down with pumps, this style in this shade is an absolute winner.

TALL MOTO Super Rip Jamie Jeans €60.00

Grey jeans are the unsung hero of the denim department, and we're all over this particular style.

The ripped look gives the subtle shade an edgy vibe, and we'll be working these with ankle boots and our failsafe leather jacket.

Tall Black Coated Super Skinny Jeans €29.99

Unfortunately for many of us, when we think leather pants, we think Ross Geller… but not this time!

These coated super skinny jeans from New Look are just the right side of rock chick, and have made it straight to the top of our wish list.



Not only can good posture keep your spine, hips and other joints in good condition, it can also make you appear taller and in better shape – and who doesn’t want that?!

Here are some super simple ways you can perfect your posture:

1. Ensure your ears are in line with your shoulders
By checking up on this a couple of time throughout the day you can make sure your posture is on your mind and keep those shoulders straight.

2. Don’t cross your legs
You’re doing it right now aren’t you? Don’t lie… By uncrossing your legs you ensure your back is straight and you’re not leaning to one side.

3. Pilates
Regular Pilates can really work wonders for your posture. By discovering your core you’ll soon find yourself feeling and looking taller. You don’t have to fork out money for classes either, just purchase a mat and use great YouTube channels like Blogilates to get you started.

4. Step away from the desk
Nobody wants to be the girl who does desk exercises – we get it. So why not try this: go out to the hall or even to the bathroom and just drop your head to your feet as low as you can go and slowly come back up giving your back a good long stretch as you do. You’ll be amazed how good you after and no one has to see you!




People always assume that being tall is great and that we’re luckier than everyone else – but being tall isn’t always so hot! Here are some questions we are sick of answering:

1. “What HEIGHT are you?”
Taller than you. That’s all you need to know.

tumblr_inline_mizd9uyBXq1qz4rgp2.”Can you get that there?”
Used and abused for our height.


3. “You must get everywhere so much faster.”
Incidentally, yes. Yes we do.


4. “Flying must be fun for you?”
Flying isn’t fun for anyone. Ever. Fact.

tumblr_n4efgwcPG51s8hnhko1_5005. “Let’s take a selfie. Can you lean down a bit there?”
Can you just stand on your tippie toes, please?


6. “Jesus, I’d love to see the height of you in heels.”
We don’t wear heels.


7. “Does Penneys have a tall girl section?”
On behalf of tall girls everywhere, we’d like to propose this genius idea to Penneys. Please, do your taller customers a massive favour and cut some clothes that will actually cover our bum.


8. “Are your parents really tall too?”

tumblr_mccqdy8GMK1qbh0eio1_5009. “That shower’s a bit low, good luck with that.”
This really is the worst thing ever.


10. “Have you always been that tall?”
Have you always been this stupid?

tumblr_mkthljmTMP1r1weouo1_25011. “Finding a man taller than you must be tricky.”


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