11 questions you should never ask a tall woman


People always assume that being tall is great and that we’re luckier than everyone else – but being tall isn’t always so hot! Here are some questions we are sick of answering:

1. “What HEIGHT are you?”
Taller than you. That’s all you need to know.

tumblr_inline_mizd9uyBXq1qz4rgp2.”Can you get that there?”
Used and abused for our height.


3. “You must get everywhere so much faster.”
Incidentally, yes. Yes we do.


4. “Flying must be fun for you?”
Flying isn’t fun for anyone. Ever. Fact.

tumblr_n4efgwcPG51s8hnhko1_5005. “Let’s take a selfie. Can you lean down a bit there?”
Can you just stand on your tippie toes, please?


6. “Jesus, I’d love to see the height of you in heels.”
We don’t wear heels.


7. “Does Penneys have a tall girl section?”
On behalf of tall girls everywhere, we’d like to propose this genius idea to Penneys. Please, do your taller customers a massive favour and cut some clothes that will actually cover our bum.


8. “Are your parents really tall too?”

tumblr_mccqdy8GMK1qbh0eio1_5009. “That shower’s a bit low, good luck with that.”
This really is the worst thing ever.


10. “Have you always been that tall?”
Have you always been this stupid?

tumblr_mkthljmTMP1r1weouo1_25011. “Finding a man taller than you must be tricky.”


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