4 simple ways to improve your posture

Not only can good posture keep your spine, hips and other joints in good condition, it can also make you appear taller and in better shape – and who doesn’t want that?!

Here are some super simple ways you can perfect your posture:

1. Ensure your ears are in line with your shoulders
By checking up on this a couple of time throughout the day you can make sure your posture is on your mind and keep those shoulders straight.

2. Don’t cross your legs
You’re doing it right now aren’t you? Don’t lie… By uncrossing your legs you ensure your back is straight and you’re not leaning to one side.

3. Pilates
Regular Pilates can really work wonders for your posture. By discovering your core you’ll soon find yourself feeling and looking taller. You don’t have to fork out money for classes either, just purchase a mat and use great YouTube channels like Blogilates to get you started.

4. Step away from the desk
Nobody wants to be the girl who does desk exercises – we get it. So why not try this: go out to the hall or even to the bathroom and just drop your head to your feet as low as you can go and slowly come back up giving your back a good long stretch as you do. You’ll be amazed how good you after and no one has to see you!