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At 9am this morning, Met Éireann issued a Status Orange Thunder Warning to the good people of Ireland ahead of some problematic weather conditions.

And what is a Status Orange Thunder Warning, pray tell?

Well, it means that the weather has the 'capacity to impact significantly on people', with the public set to experience 'widespread thundery activity this afternoon and evening'.

The forecaster's official website explains that "widespread heavy thundery downpours will develop by afternoon, with the risk localised spot flooding" today.

Tonight, we can expect heavy rain with thundery bursts, however these conditions will clear before midnight and give way to cooler, clearer weather.

Anyone else wondering why summer never made an appearance this year?!




The weather has been frustratingly changeable lately, and it looks like today is set to be no exception. 

Met Éireann is reporting that while today will be off to a bright and blustery start, the grey clouds are set to move in through the afternoon, bringing a risk of thundery downpours with them. 

'It will be generally dry with good sunshine in many parts of the country this morning.'

'However showers will gradually develop in the west and will slowly spread eastwards.'

'Some heavy thundery downpours are likely this afternoon.'

However, there is some good news on the horizon.

'The last of the showers will die away later this evening and most of the night will be dry and clear.'

So hopefully if you're heading out tonight, you won't get drenched. 



Unless you were very lucky and had a bit of a lie-in this Friday morning, you will probably have noticed that the rain has returned.

We knew the fair weather was too good to last, but we didn't expect it to dissapear quite so soon.

The rain is set to continue into the weekend, with a mix of heavy rainfall and scattered showers. 

Met Eireann is warning that the high levels of rain over the next few days will also bring a risk of localised flooding.

'Mixed weather is expected to continue through much of the outlook period with the potential for some high rainfall accumulations over the next few days, bringing a risk of localised flooding.'

Today is set to be rainy with a risk of thundery downpours. However, it won't get too cold, with temperatures still reaching a potential 18 degrees.

Tomorrow will be cooler with yet more rain, but Sunday will be bright with scattered sun showers. 



Even though it's a little bit milder out, the weekend isn't looking too great weather-wise.

Temperatures are expected to reach up to 17C (hell yeah), however, rain, thunder and hail are possibly on the way (boo!).

Even though today was dry, Met Éireann say that this evening will have "showery rain," which will be "widespread with some thundery bursts, especially in western areas."

Image result for ireland rain

Tomorrow, Friday March 31, will have a "very wet start" in Leinster and Munster, with a few downpours expected. Temperatures will reach 15C, which is some sort of silver lining, we guess?

Saturday looks crap enough though, with the risk of hail and showers.

The Met Éireann website reads: "Most of the shower activity will affect the western half of the country, with parts of the east escaping fully dry.

"Saturday night will be dry and cold, with slack breezes, temperatures down to freezing in places, with some frost and also some mist and fog."

Across the pond there seems to be a heatwave… SMH.


"Cloudy today with outbreaks of rain, heavy in bursts, across Leinster, Connacht and Ulster, with accumulations leading to local spot flooding, especially in Ulster…" that's what Met Eireann has to say about today – after a gloriously sunny Friday got everyone's hopes up for a cracker of a weekend.

And most folk will indeed be right now looking out at rainy, cloudy skies.

Met Eireann has already issued a weather warning, which will stay in effect until 6pm.

And forecaster Pat Clarke has warned us to expect thunder and plenty of downpours: "Friday was pretty warm and was around 22C in some places, but that won't be repeated again over the weekend." 

He added that a spell of very heavy rain has already moved across the Irish Sea from Britain, and has now spread across the country.

"For a lot of the country, it's a fairly wet day," Pat explained, although he did say that "it might pick up in the north-east of the country" this afternoon.