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It's no secret that our style evolves as we get older.

Retailers we couldn't have lived without as a teen don't get so much as a second glance nowadays, while stores we wouldn't have even considered five years ago are firm favourites these days.

And yet despite our numerous wardrobe overhauls, there is one high street (and homegrown) store which has managed to see us through from childhood to present day.

Dunnes, you may step forward.

While always a favourite among everyone here at SHEmazing, the retailer has outdone themselves with their Spring / Summer collection for Savida this year, and frankly we're salivating into our sleeves.

From florals to polka dots, their latest range is an absolute triumph, and we're now counting down the hours until payday.

Ladies, here is the sneak peek you're dying for.




Fans of COS know that the contemporary brand often takes its inspiration from very unique places.

The Swedish high-street brand created a cult aesthetic, keeping its clean lines and minimalist silhouette season to season, creating a distinguishable uniform of artistic simplicity.

We had a peek at COS's Spring/Summer collection this week, and while the traditional COS favourites like the crisp white shirt and structured culottes were present, so too were unique new shapes and textures.

The brand has two distinguishable themes in its up coming collection.

The first is abstract sport, which plays on fashion's long-running love affair with sports-luxe.

Clean, simple separates in navy, cream and dove blue are the antidote to an autumn of rich ochre, satin pinks and Kardashian-induced nude shades. 

Keeping with COS's penchant for easy breezy separates, the high street store took inspiration from fellow Swedish import IKEA, and introduced origami-esque flat pack folds in their new skirts and trousers.

The carefully structured folds mimic the DIY instructions of an IKEA furniture piece, creating a modern embellishment and maintaining functionality without sacrificing detail.

A favourite of all women, from art students to CEOs – COS is continuing to cement itself as the simplistic answer to fast fashion's obsession with novelty and disposable trends.

All of the new collection pieces will be as sartorially sound in five years as they are now, and all of their pieces can be twisted to work in an office environment.

If you're a friend of the environment, the fact that COS's new collection is made up of recycled cotton and recycled plastic overlays will make your day.

The re-purposing of these materials was an important element for the collection's second theme, romantic utility. 

The romantic utility theme is comprised of sheer fabrics in a neutral rainbow of earthy browns, sands and creams, with floaty fabrics. 

Statement pieces in the line include a recycled parachute maxi dress and matching parka, intended to create volume and movement.

Both pieces are semi-sheer, designed to be layered for cooler months or worn alone on warmer days. While a parachute might not be ideal work wear, the breathable khaki parka is a commuter's dream. 

As for accessories, COS is serving up its usual smattering of artistic pieces, including a sculptured gold earring set with a corresponding necklace.

And the shoe shapes for Spring/Summer? A backless leather loafer in cream or black and strappy summer sandals, perfect to add edge to a summer dress or even pair with socks if you're feeling brave.

Socks and sandals is the greatest fashion faux pas to ever make a comeback, and COS' khaki green stompers are crying out for a woollen companion. 

Overall, the soft shades of olive, pale blue, cream and stone grey call to mind a city in springtime, ideal for Dublin's corporate cool kids.

The collection will start to drop in store and online from February 2017. 



One Tumblr blogger has turned Frozen’s princesses into fashion icons.

First it was blogger Sashiiko-Anti book, who gave our favourite Disney princesses a haute couture makeover.

And now Tumblr blogger punziella has used her animation skills to transform Frozen princesses Anna and Elsa of Arendelle into seriously chic fashion icons.

Elsa’s blush pink hues and Anna’s pink metallic pleated skirt are so spring/summer 14!

And it gets better! Elsa’s Burberry-esque lilac shorts and sheer blouse combo is just bang on trend!

Forget bagging a handsome prince, those princesses have some serious style strutting to do!