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It’s the perfect time of the year to switch up your skincare regime, and we’ve looked far and wide to find the best possible products to give our skin a much needed pick-me-up!

Since starting in 2004, e.l.f. cosmetics have become one of the fastest growing American companies in the world, and for a good reason.

Their skincare range has gone from strength to strength, and these three new items have given us the five star treatment for our tired skin.


e.l.f. Moisturising Sleeping Mask (€13.80)

This fabulous Moisturising Sleeping Mask gives your skin hydration overnight so you can wake up to soft, comforted skin.

During your nightly regimen, apply an even, thin layer on your face, neck and chest, and don’t forget to let it dry in before you head to bed for roughly ten minutes. Leave the mask on the skin overnight, and cleanse your face in the morning.

If you use this every night, it delivers deep hydration to your skin, so you can leave your dehydration worries behind.

The mask is also infused with purified water, aloe, vitamin E and jojoba to give you the ultimate nourishment.

Go on, treat your skin, you deserves it!

e.l.f. Illuminating Eye Cream (€13.25)          

We all have our struggles with hiding the bags under eyes some days, and it can be so difficult to find the right product to give your face a glowing lift.

Lucky for us, this e.l.f. nourishing cream helps to hydrate and minimise the appearance of dark circles and puffiness for radiant and rejuvenated skin that won’t show the traces of tiredness.

The eye cream is made with cruelty-free, natural ingredients which are infused with Purified Water and skin nourishing jojoba, Vitamin E, and cucumber.

Help soothe and protect the delicate skin area around the eye by using it in the morning and evening after your cleanse.

Rich in antioxidants, Shea Butter and Green Tea and totally free from parabens, sulphate and phthalates, you’ll know for sure that your eye cream is ethical and healthy.

Gently dab around the under eye, forehead and along the brow bone to illuminate your tired eyes, the difference is such a boost!

e.l.f. Prep & Hydrate Balm (€10.35)

The new e.l.f. prep & hydrate balm is a convenient, versatile water-based primer stick that immediately hydrates your skin, smooths uneven lines and prepare it for any make-up you want to utilise.

The two-in-one formula and stick shape makes it so easy to carry around with you, whether you’re going to work, the gym or a night out.

You can simply twist up to apply to the face in a circular motion before starting your make-up application regime.

Blend in if you need to, perfect for dry, chapped hands, elbows and knees.

The ingredients include shea butter, cocoa, aloe and grape for effective moisturising, you’ll be feeling, smelling and looking great in seconds. The embodiment of practicality, sign us up!

All e.l.f. products are cruelty free, and pride themselves on being completely free from parabens, sulphate and phthalates.

Using natural goodness to get illuminated skin? Sounds good to us!

Pick up some e.l.f. cosmetic skincare goodies in pharmacies nationwide and in select Penneys stores.

Check out their website for more information on the rising star brand!





There’s a brand new addition coming to the Arnotts Beauty Hall and we are beyond excited about it. It’s safe to say this brand will be welcomed with open arms when it arrives at Arnotts on July 26, 2018.

IT Cosmetics is set to launch their first store in Dublin this month and we’ll certainly be stocking up on their game-changing products.

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IT Cosmetics products are bound to make a positive impact on your skin. Their clinically proven, innovative, problem-solving products harness cutting-edge anti-ageing technologies and skin-loving ingredients to truly give you the power to be Your Most Beautiful You.

You can wave goodbye to bad skin days from here on out because IT Cosmetics are bound to give you that healthy glow you’ve wanted for so long.

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The company’s mission is to help women feel more beautiful in their own skin. There is so much pressure on women to look flawless, and sometimes that pressure can really take its toll on you.

Luckily, products like their Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ are here to save the day. Not only will this colour correcting cream leave your skin glowing, but it will also protect it from sun damage. It’s a win-win!

If your skin is looking a bit dull and tired then you must treat yourself to a tub of Confidence in a Cream. This cream will transform your skin and leave it feeling rejuvenated and looking plump.

IT Cosmetics are creating products that will boost your confidence. They vow to help women feel better about their appearance: “We exist to inspire every woman to celebrate her own beauty and to feel confident, important, loved and beautiful. Even if it’s for the first time, or for the first time in a long time.”

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We can’t wait for the launch of IT Cosmetics at the Arnotts Beauty Hall on Thursday, July 26 2018.


No skin care regime is complete without a good moisturiser. Regardless of your skin type, moisturiser is essential for keeping skin bright and ensuring it's always supple and hydrated.

Choosing the right one can be difficult, but it's all down to what type of skin you have.

Here's a simple guide with some product examples that will work for you!

1. Dry skin
If your skin often looks dull and flaky and can feel itchy and tight, you'll need a moisturiser that will deeply hydrate inside and out. If your skin is flaking regularly, a good exfoliant is key, too. Dry skin can be sensitive, so look for hypoallergenic creams to avoid redness and irritation. For a real moisture booster, try using organic coconut oil in place of a moisturising cream. This wonder product can also be used to take off make-up. Simply apply all over the face and remove using hot water and a cloth or cotton pad. The remaining oil will soak in quickly, leaving your skin soft and hydrated!

Coco Nova Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, €9.95

2. Oily skin
We know it defies logic, but oily skin needs moisturising just as much as dry skin does. We promise! Look for a light-weight product that will replenish moisture without leaving your skin shiny or greasy. Lush's Enzymion cream mattifies skin without making it too tight. It contains lemon and papaya to stimulate and brighten, too.

Lush Enzymion, €19

3. Combination skin
Oily T-zone but dry on the cheeks? Yup, you're one of the many ladies blessed with combination skin. Richer moisturisers can be too greasy for this skin type so again a lighter weight product is key. This No7 cream is great for under foundation, absorbs quickly and leaves skin balanced and bright.

No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Normal/Oily Skin, €16.25

4. Acne-prone skin
This skin type can be oily or dry, so a moisturiser is essential for balance. If your skin has clusters of spots, lots of redness, irritation and shine, look for a moisturiser specifically for blemish-prone skin. This Clinique cream is part of their 3-step anti blemish regime, which also includes a cleanser and toner. It reduces redness while lightly hydrating. If the problem persists, it might be worth visiting a dermatologist or GP if you haven't already.

Clinique Anti-Blemish Clearing Moisturiser, €25