What’s the best moisturiser for your skin type?

No skin care regime is complete without a good moisturiser. Regardless of your skin type, moisturiser is essential for keeping skin bright and ensuring it's always supple and hydrated.

Choosing the right one can be difficult, but it's all down to what type of skin you have.

Here's a simple guide with some product examples that will work for you!

1. Dry skin
If your skin often looks dull and flaky and can feel itchy and tight, you'll need a moisturiser that will deeply hydrate inside and out. If your skin is flaking regularly, a good exfoliant is key, too. Dry skin can be sensitive, so look for hypoallergenic creams to avoid redness and irritation. For a real moisture booster, try using organic coconut oil in place of a moisturising cream. This wonder product can also be used to take off make-up. Simply apply all over the face and remove using hot water and a cloth or cotton pad. The remaining oil will soak in quickly, leaving your skin soft and hydrated!

Coco Nova Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, €9.95

2. Oily skin
We know it defies logic, but oily skin needs moisturising just as much as dry skin does. We promise! Look for a light-weight product that will replenish moisture without leaving your skin shiny or greasy. Lush's Enzymion cream mattifies skin without making it too tight. It contains lemon and papaya to stimulate and brighten, too.

Lush Enzymion, €19

3. Combination skin
Oily T-zone but dry on the cheeks? Yup, you're one of the many ladies blessed with combination skin. Richer moisturisers can be too greasy for this skin type so again a lighter weight product is key. This No7 cream is great for under foundation, absorbs quickly and leaves skin balanced and bright.

No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Normal/Oily Skin, €16.25

4. Acne-prone skin
This skin type can be oily or dry, so a moisturiser is essential for balance. If your skin has clusters of spots, lots of redness, irritation and shine, look for a moisturiser specifically for blemish-prone skin. This Clinique cream is part of their 3-step anti blemish regime, which also includes a cleanser and toner. It reduces redness while lightly hydrating. If the problem persists, it might be worth visiting a dermatologist or GP if you haven't already.

Clinique Anti-Blemish Clearing Moisturiser, €25