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Kit Harington has some intriguing information, to say the least. He KNOWS THINGS we don't; namely the Game of Thrones ending.

One of the biggest kept secrets in the entire universe, Kit has been carrying around some absolute bombs for months, and his poor wife has now been victim to the biggest one of all.

Jon Snow and Ygritte were (ARE) Game of Thrones' most tragic couple, and the real-life husband and wife are both highly invested in the show.


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They're one of the cutest celebrity couples in the business, especially because their love onscreen was SO DAMN PALPABLE.

Harington has thanked the show in the past for bringing them together, speaking of how he fell in love with Rose after filming with her in Iceland.

During a radio appearance earlier in the week, Kit revealed the tension which still resides between him and his wife over the show…

Rose is a major Game of Thrones fan, considering her past role in the show. Naturally, she was curious about how the show ends, most likely since her husband is now smooching the Mother of Dragons. 

She asked her hubby how she show ends, and he (stupidly) indulged her questions. BIG mistake, Kit.

According to Entertainment Weekly, he said, “I told my wife last year how it ended, and she wouldn’t talk to me for about three days…and she’d asked!” 


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We're not quite sure if her reaction means that the ending is happy or tragic, but we're assuming tragic. George R. R. Martin and the showrunners are cruel men, they kill off everyone we love.

Kit Harington previously said he was satisfied with the iconic HBO series' ending, but refused to say if he was happy or sad about it. So it's 100 percent sad.

We're fairly sure Jon Snow isn't the only person to let slip TV's mother of all secrets. Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, also told her nearest and dearest the ending too.

Would you tell your significant other, or parents, the finale spoilers? We probably would, TBH.


The anticipation is building for the final instalment of Game of Thrones.

When they first announced that the last season would be out in 2019, it felt like it would be FOREVER before we saw our fave characters return – but with the New Year around the corner, the excitement is real. 

As the April date approaches, we are being teased with trailers of season eight and we actually can't cope.


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The creators have released an ice and fire meeting as winter has arrived.

The battle of century is about to go down and if this clip is anything to go by, viewers are in for a stunning cinematic experience.

Ice is seen engulfing a wolf and scaling a statue of a dragon as fire licks around a lion.

As the two elements meet a rocky boarder is formed, which we imagine is a hint of what is to come in the series. 

Roll on the fan theories because we are LIVING for them.

Jon Snow we are waiting for you.