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This week, we got smacked with the grim reality that the average rent in Dublin is now €1,968 per month.

That's 10.9 percent higher than this time last year and a staggering 30 percent higher than the 2008 peak – so it's pretty depressing all around.

To make matters worse, the massive amounts of money we are forking out for accommodation is usually for sub-standard dwellings.

So we are gonna rub salt into the wound and show you what you can rent in Europe for the same price – and all the places featured are furnished. 

1. Neuilly-Sur-Seine, Paris, France

 Picture credit: Lodgis

You can rent a two-bedroom furnished apartment for €1,985 a month in the most expensive part of Paris.

To gauge how pricey this neighbourhood is, former president Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy were raised in the Parisian suburb.

You'll be living amongst some of the most famous French faces and living the Parisian dream.

2. Mitte, Berlin

This stunning two-bed penthouse in the heart of Berlin is serious home goals.

The spacious, modern home is a steal at  €1,700 a month and that INCLUDES bills.

All you have to do is brush up on some German and you're set – FYI, it has a foosball table and an electric keyboard. 

3. Prati, Rome, Italy

The land of carbs have some savage apartments for prices that would make you weep in comparison to our capital city.

This two-bedroom apartment is a walk away from the Vatican city and looks like a dream.

It's a cool €1850 a month and comes with some massive looking beds – and the best part is, it's mould free.

4. Buckingham Terrace, Edinburgh, UK. 

Picture credit: rightmove

After doing some quick maths, our €1,968 converts into a modest £1713.

Edinburgh is ripe with prime property for a bargain price and we could get a lot for our money.

For a breath-taking ground floor two bedroom flat, it was £1,595 per month.

5. Westminster, London

Picture credit: rightmove

We all know how outrageously expensive central London has been branded.

So I went on a hunt and found a furnished one bedroom apartment in the heart of the city.

The property is £1712 a month, so I just stayed in budget but there's a big difference between London and Dublin.

6. East 58th Street, Manhattan, New York

Picture credit: streeteasy

And for the craic, I had a nosey at some places in Manhattan, which is famous for its high rent. 

I found a lovely studio apartment which was $2,100 a month (€1861). 

Is the place tiny with a massive price tag? – Yes, but it's a lot better than the majority of studios you can find in Dublin city.

You can live in the big apple for less than in Dublin…let that just sink in.

If you're thinking of relocating, at least renting in these cities will be a little bit easier than Dublin.

It's fair to say our rental market is a mess.


Feature Image credit: discoverdublin/Instagram/Alinaborak28



It's most definitely no secret that rents in Dublin tend to be sky-high compared to the rest of the country.

In fact, there are only three locations among all of Dublin's LUAS and DART lines that you can expect to pay under €1,000 per month in total for a two-bed apartment.

Click here to see larger version

Yes, if you're on a budget, your best bet is waaaay out at the far end of the Red LUAS line, at Cheerverstown, Fettercairn or Citywest. Not exactly the most accessible spots.

Daft's new Dublin Rent Rail Map is the first to categorise rent prices based on the closest rail stop, and it definitely throws up a few shockers.

For example, the most expensive spot on the map is not a coastal two-bed on the DART line or around the shopping haven that is Stephen's Green – it is in fact at the IFSC end of the Red LUAS line.

For a two-bed apartment near Spencer Dock you can expect to shell out a whopping €1,802 on average – that's €901 per room each month.

Other pricey spots include Charlemont and Milltown on the LUAS Green Line, plus Tara Street in the city centre.

And if you're a beach lover who's looking to rent along the DART line, you'll pay a premium in Sandymount and Dalkey (both over €1,700), but can expect to find cheaper pads in Bray and Portmarnock, where rents are closer to €1,200.



Well, we know that house prices in Dublin aren’t exactly cheap these days, but we’d rather camp in our parents’ front garden than live with this particular renter.

An ad posted on house-hunting site Daft.ie listed a double room in Harold’s Cross in the capital for just €290. But before you come running to the door with a deposit and your first month’s rent, you might want to read a little further!

The poster asked to meet any “broad-minded, smart, sexy, unconventional and adventurous dames” who would be willing to share a “double bedroom, their body and life experience.” Sounds dubious!

Of course if you’re not keen to take part in this renter’s “social experiment”, you can also choose to have a room all to yourself for €580 a month. Emm… no thanks!

The ad has since been taken down  (or maybe the perfect “dame” has already snapped the room up) but you can read the full text below…




After hearing about how rents across Dublin have risen by 26% since 2011, and how students are finding it increasingly difficult to find somewhere to live, this comic by Twisted Doodle detailing everything you need to rent in Dublin is VERY well timed!

Finding somewhere to live, or someone to live with is difficult at the best of times. Especially when you’ve grown up watching Monica and Rachel in their big huge apartment – the realisation that your whole flat will be about the size of Rachel’s room is quite a bitter pill to swallow. Why must they make it even more difficult?!