Irish ad looks for woman to share “bed, body and life experience”


Well, we know that house prices in Dublin aren’t exactly cheap these days, but we’d rather camp in our parents’ front garden than live with this particular renter.

An ad posted on house-hunting site listed a double room in Harold’s Cross in the capital for just €290. But before you come running to the door with a deposit and your first month’s rent, you might want to read a little further!

The poster asked to meet any “broad-minded, smart, sexy, unconventional and adventurous dames” who would be willing to share a “double bedroom, their body and life experience.” Sounds dubious!

Of course if you’re not keen to take part in this renter’s “social experiment”, you can also choose to have a room all to yourself for €580 a month. Emm… no thanks!

The ad has since been taken down  (or maybe the perfect “dame” has already snapped the room up) but you can read the full text below…