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Kylie Jenner has returned from Las Vegas, where she was at Lamar Odom's beside, to film a new rap music video with her boyfriend, Tyga.

Tyga and Kylie sported matching letterman jackets as they filmed the rapper's new music video this weekend.

The 18-year-old wore a navy and gold number donning a large letter K with black leggings and her famous hair extensions as she shared the night with her beau.

Tyga, 25, opted for a red and pale yellow jacket, with a huge T on the front (obvs).

At one point Kylie was seen exiting a dark-coloured Rolls-Royce surrounded by smoke and bright lights.

The reality star also appeared in Tyga's controversial Stimulated video in August.

Kylie returned to LA after supporting big sister Khloe in Las Vegas at the bedside of the 31-year-old's former husband.


There are plenty of wedding viral videos out there, but we can’t help but smile at this best man’s rap.

Spencer Loveridge’s decided to treat his friend to a different kind of wedding tradition by rapping his best man’s speech.

Spencer’s funny but clever rhymes had the whole wedding party bent over with laughter.

“Lewy’s really found the perfect hubby, but as we all know he’s a little bit grubby. Eating bacon with his hands, from a pasta bowl; why is there jam on the remote control?!”

The footage of Spencer’s speech has become a viral hit since it was posted online on Sunday with over 9,000 hits and counting.


Watch these three random guys sing together. Amazing!



Watch as this hilarious doctor raps to his patient about taking care of her new (pink!) cast.

We bet that kid will remember every single word!



This rap gets faster and faster and he doesn’t trip up at all, not once! But it did take him 67 takes…