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Kensington Palace has bestowed all the feels on us today after revealing the official picture that will be used for Kate and Will's Christmas cards. 

The adorable snap captures the family very naturally in their own garden with the six-month-old Princess Charlotte in tow. 

The photograph was originally intended to be used only for personal reasons but it seems that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge like it so much that they shared it with the world. 

And we are delighted that they did. 

We reckon this was the only photo they could manage to get of George where he was almost standing still. Meanwhile, Charlotte looks serene and sweet. 

The photo, taken at Kensington Palace, marks only the second official photo of the family of four. 

The first official photo was taken at Charlotte's christening (and they couldn't even get George to pose then either). 

And the gorgeous family have also just revealed that Prince George is due to begin Montessori school at the end of January. 

They really do grow up so fast! 


We gush about how cute Prince George is, but pictures of Princess Charlotte have just been released – and she is just as ADORABLE as her big brother.

The photos were taken by her amateur photographer mother, Kate Middleton, at Anmer Hall, the family's Norfolk home, in early November.

At first, the photos weren't meant to hit the public but the Duchess of Cambridge was so pleased by both her work and the positive response her last photographs of Prince George and Princess Charlotte received, that she decided to release them as a way of thanking the media for letting her children grow-up out of the spotlight.

The princess, who has blue eyes and brown hair, can be seen sitting unaided in a green checked armchair and in one shot is smiling at a toy puppy. The cutest? We think so.

As George has inherited his father's looks, it's safe to say that Charlotte has taken from Kate's side. 


We love Kate Middleton, from her daring royal style, to her fabulous hair, it seems there's nothing the Duchess of Cambridge can't do.

And that proves particularly true as Kate is reportedly starting her own business.

The Duchess is currently weaning Princess Charlotte, and it seemed to have sparked the entrepreneurial spirit inside of her as she is considering starting her own organic baby food line along with her sister, Pippa.

A source told Vanity Fair, "She keeps saying there is a gap in the market for home-grown, organic baby food. It's given Pippa the idea that they should try launching their own line of organics."​ 

According to the source the sisters have been sampling new organic recipes in the kitchen at Anmer Hall, the royal country home, where they grow organic produce.

Pippa has also just finished an food nutrition course and helps Kate make all of Prince George and Princess Charlotte's meals. 

Charlotte, who is nearly eight months old, is still eating pureed fruits and vegetables, but The Duchess constantly makes sure it's all homegrown, organic and straight from the gardens at Anmer.

But the sisters aren't only planning on producing baby food. The source told VF that they will make "nourishing ready meals for adults" as well. 


She's now a mother-of-two – a prince and a princess – who both arrived within less than two years of one another. 

And although little Charlotte is not yet six months' of age, excited news organisations in the US are convinced that royal baby No.3 is ALREADY en route.

Yes, if Stateside rumour is to be believed, Duchess Kate is now pregnant, with the little bundle of regal joy arriving next spring.

The fact that she was seen holding aloft glasses of champagne at the recent royal banquet in Buckingham Palace – not to mention that on the same occasion her bespoke Jenny Packham dress showed no hint of a baby bump – seems to have been disregarded.

Instead, the covers of more than one glossy magazine this week declare that the wife of Prince William is very much expecting. 

"It seems Kate Middleton, 33, and Prince William, 33, wasted no time getting back into the swing of things," declares one popular US site.

Meanwhile, Life & Style magazine, which carries the story on its front-page this week, says: “They’re expecting! It happened far quicker than they expected – they’d just started trying for another child. But William and Kate are so excited".

That publication furthermore says: "Friends are saying the baby will arrive around June. They say Kate is at the very beginning of her pregnancy and won’t show any sign of a bump until next year. She still looks extremely slim." 

And as far back as early September, Star magazine was also stating that the Duchess was "in the early stages of pregnancy with baby number three". It added that the new addition to the Cambridge family is due "in late April or early May, so she’ll likely be showing by the New Year".

Even earlier in the summer, some US outlets reported absolutely that Kate was eager to have three children by the time she turned 35: as she celebrates her 34th birthday in January, it seemed she was eager to get a move on.

The rumour may all, of course, seem a little far-fetched, but Wills himself did say in the aftermath of Charlotte's arrival that a third Cambridge child was certainly possible.

In an interview to mark his first day as an air ambulance pilot, the prince spoke of family-life. When the interviewer playfully hinted at another baba, the second-in-line to the British throne laughed: "We've only just had the second one!"

Though he then added with a smile, "but you never know what's going to happen in the future."


Only four months ago, Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed Princess Charlotte into their lives. We’ve only just barely managed to pull ourselves together since those adorable photos of Prince George and his little sister crossed our screens.

It’s hard to imagine that the royal couple would be adding to their family again, but that hasn’t stopped the rumours from circulating.

Star Magazine are reporting a source as saying that Kate, 33, is pregnant with her third child.

The outlet is claiming an insider has said “She’s in the early stages of pregnancy with baby number 3.”

This is coming on the heels of Kate not being in attendance at certain royal engagements and a wedding in August.  The magazine reports that: “William put his foot down and decided her heath must not be put at risk. So Kate rested at home and spent her day relaxing and playing with George and Charlotte.” 

This is not the first time in recent months that the Duchess of Cambridge has been at the centre of baby rumours.

Earlier this summer, when William’s co-pilot, who bears quite the resemblance to Kate herself, came into the picture certain media outlets were quick to jump on the baby bandwagon.

Reports were saying that Kate was eager to get Gemma out of the picture and that she had apparently mentioned to friends that she wanted to have her third child before turning 35.

There has been nothing to confirm any of this speculation however. So we can only imagine that the royals probably aren’t thrilled with all of those rumours.


On the occassion of the christening of his little sister Princess Charlotte two weeks ago, a two-year-old Prince George very nearly stole the show.

Looking as cute-as-a-button in a red and white smock designed by Rachel Riley (the €100 piece inevitably sold out within 24 hours) he waved to the crowds, chatted to his great-granny, peered lovingly into Charlotte's pram, and generally proved that he's going to be a serious heart-breaker in another couple of decades. 

Understandably, the accompanying snaps of the day which were released by the British royals after the event, prompted oodles of ooos and aaas from around the globe. 

Taken by the famed Mario Testino, they showed Kate, 33, and Wills, also 33, with their prince and princess in a variety of casual and natural poses.

But if we assumed that we'd been given our fill of gorgeous shots of the picture-perfect Cambridges – how wrong we were!

For Mr Testino himself took to Facebook this afternoon to add to the collection.

The image shows a proud-as-punch Prince William holding on tight to his son as George leans in towards the lens, peering at the camera with his big, brown eyes. 

His lovely mop of blond tresses are swept away from his face, and he shows off a mouthful of white teeth too.

The toddler turns two tomorrow – with a party being thrown for him at his family's rural abode, Amner Hall. 

Peru-native Mario even wished the little royal a happy birthday in the accompanying caption. "The Duke Of Cambridge with his son Prince George, who turns two years old tomorrow," he wrote in both English and his native Spanish.

This photograph captures a very happy moment on what was a special day for The Duke and Duchess and their family. They are very pleased to share this picture as they celebrate Prince George's second birthday.

Kensington Palace said today in a statement: "The photograph shows The Duke of Cambridge holding Prince George in the gardens at Sandringham House.

"It was part of the series of official photographs taken by Mario Testino following Princess Charlotte's baptism on Sunday July 5."

Happy birthday, little prince! Here's to many more amazing photographs.


In an interview to mark his first day as an air ambulance pilot, Prince William has been talking family-life – and even hinted that he and Duchess Kate, 33, are already considering royal baby number three. 

Gushing that two-and-a-half month old Princess Charlotte has "been fantastic," and "a little joy of heaven," the Duke went on to say that having two children under two certainly has its challenges. 

"It is more responsibility looking after two little ones," the 33-year-old admitted. "Especially when George around. He's a little monkey!"

However, the second-in-line to the British throne also seems to be pretty content with his lot in life. 

"It's fantastic having such a little family; I'm so thrilled. Catherine is doing an amazing job as a mother; I'm very proud of her."

And when asked if it's difficult to leave them every morning when he goes to work, he diplomatically replied: "No more difficult than everyone else has to do."

Of course, with a girl and a boy on board, it would be understandably if the world's most famous royals decided to draw a line under their baby-making days.

Indeed, the interviewer suggested that in light on Charlotte's arrival in May, the decision to have a third child might now prove more difficult.

"We've only just had the second one!" Prince William said in response, before adding with a smile, "but you never know what's going to happen in the future."

Well, we reckon that Wills and Kate will absolutely be having more gorgeous babies over the next few years. And no, we can't wait!


The Royal Family celebrated Princess Charlotte's christening on Sunday with a church ceremony in Norfolk.

Although the public and the media were permitted to gather on the walkway into the church's gardens, the ceremony was a private affair for family and friends only. Luckily for us though, Kensington Palace has just published the official shots from the christening, taken by renowned celebrity photographer Mario Testino.

As well as Prince Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, the family event was also attended by Kate's sister Pippa, her brother James and her parents Michael and Carole. The family gathered at Sandringham House afterwards to celebrate the happy day:

In keeping with royal tradition, little Charlotte has a grand total of five godparents – Kate’s long-time friend Sophie Carter, William's schoolfriends James Meade and Thomas van Straubenzee, Kate's cousin Adam Middleton, and Princess Diana's niece The Hon. Laura Fellowes.

We are just loving these beautiful solo shots of Kate holding Charlotte and William playing with George:


Peruvian photographer Mario has worked with the Royal Family on a number of occasions before, having photographed Prince Charles, Prince Harry and even Princess Diana.

He also took the iconic photos that Kate and William released to announce their engagement back in December 2010:

We can't wait to see more photos of the family as little Charlotte and George grow up.


He may not even be two years old yet, but Prince George has already made a name for himself as the most entertaining Royal.

Granted, he doesn't have much competition for the moment considering Charlotte can't do much but gurgle and cry, but even so we're not sure if she'll ever be able to beat his incredible facial expressions and adorably chubby cheeks.

Prince George might become the King of England one day, but for now he's happy to chill out and generally be great craic. Here are just a few times he just won at life…

1. When he checked in on Charlotte like a big brother should
He may have stolen the show at her Christening, but he made sure to let her in on the action too.

2. That time he knew exactly where to turn to get the best camera angle
*jazz hands*

3. When Dad tried to hurry him along but he was too busy perfecting his gangsta swagger
Work it, G.

4. Getting his game face on to deal with the paps
"Come at me, braw."

5. That time he was having none of this "being a good boy" stuff

6. And when he really began to question the meaning of life during his visit to New Zealand
It's tough being a baby.

7. When looking adorable all day just got to be a bit too much

8. That one time Kate tried to take a photo of him and Charlotte and he threw her some serious shade
"If you're not Mario Testino, you can put that camera away."

9. When Mum and Dad wanted a demure family portrait and George was all "LET'S PARTAAAAAAY"
Reckless youth.

10. And finally, when he took a break from being cool to enjoy a dance with his Mum
If this doesn't hit you right in the ovaries we don't know what will.




The day has finally arrived!

Princess Charlotte’s christening has begun. She made her first public appearance since appearing outside the hospital the day she was born.

The ceremony took place at the same church where Princess Diana was christened in 1961. The ceremony was small with Kate and William, Prince George, the Queen, Kate’s parents, her sister Pippa, brother brother James and William’s parents Charles and Camilla.

The five godparents of Princess Charlotte were also in attendance. Named earlier today her godparents did not include either of William or Kate’s siblings.

Instead they were made up of friends of William and Kate, along with family members such as Princess Diana’s niece Laura Fellowes.

Kate’s long-time friend Sophie Carter was chosen, as were James Meade a school friend of William, Adam Middleton, Kate’s cousin and Thomas van Straubenzee who William also went to school with.

Thomas, pictured above, married Lady Melissa Percy in 2013 at Alnwick Castle, better known to Harry Potter buffs as the Hogwarts castle, FYI. William attended the wedding but Kate could not as she pregnant with Prince George who is now almost 2-years old.


Princess Charlotte wore her brother’s replica of a more than 170-year old royal heirloom made by Angela Kelly, who is dressmaker to the Queen.

The family of four made their way to the church in quite a stylish fashion, Kate wore a white Alexander McQueen  while she pushed Charlotte’s pram past the people lined up outside to greet the royals.

Prince William looked very dapper in his suit while Prince George had an adorable red and white themed look for the day. Prince George’s outfit is reminding twitter users of his dad’s outfit the first time he met Prince Harry.

Prince Harry who is currently in Nambia, missed out on the family occasion. While his stepmother Camilla almost suffered a serious wardrobe malfunction when a gust of wind caught her off guard in her pale blue style.

The Middleton’s co-ordinated their looks with ivory outfits in line with Kate’s own outfit.

After the christening the Queen hosted tea at her Sandringham home, where guests will also have cake from William and Kate’s 2011 wedding. 


Prince Harry is apparently out of the running to be one of Princess Charlotte’s six godparents. Note, Charlotte has one less godparent than her older brother Prince George.

While there was some speculation Prince Harry’s absence was some sort of royal snub, it seems to be more as a result of his being out of the country.

The 30-year old royal will be spending the summer travelling and doing charity and conservation work. He is reportedly going to be in Africa when the christening will take place.

The ceremony will take place later today at the Church of St Mary Magdalene in Sandringham.

The baptism will be held in private with fewer than 30 people present at the event. It will be the first time the family of four will make a public appearance together.

Harry unfortunately will not be present as he’s already left for his trip to Africa. Sad news for any of the members of the public waiting outside the church hoping to catch a glimpse of the young royal.

Official photographs of the occasion will be taken by photographer Mario Testino who was Princess Diana’s favourite photographer. Charlotte will wear a replica of the lace and satin christening gown made for the princess royal, Victoria, in 1841.

The godparents will be revealed at the ceremony so we’ll have to wait and find out, although there have been rumours that since Prince Harry is no longer in the running, David Beckham might be a possibility.

Can’t imagine that minion tattoo would go down so well at afternoon tea in the palace though, but you never know.

Speculation is mounting about who will step into the role, with bookies also actually giving odds who might be the favourite.

Princess Beatrice, 26, was also in the running and according to book makers she had got more of a chance than her sister Euginie, 25, as she often socialises with Will and Kate.

We were very intrigued to discover that neither of the Princess's were named as Charlotte's godparents after all. 

Instead it was friends and family of the couple themselves who will take the honours later today; Miss Sophie Carter, Mr. James Meade, Mr. Adam Middleton, The Hon. Laura Fellowes and Mr. Thomas van Straubenzee were all named as Princess Charlotte's godparents.



World-renowned photographer, Mario Testino, is to photograph Princess Charlotte’s christening this coming Sunday.

The Vogue photographer has shot almost every celebrity under the sun, from Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid to Kate Moss and Brad Pitt

The 60-year-old Peruvian photographer released a statement saying, “I am overwhelmed and honoured to be chosen to document this occasion and to carry on the documentation of the family that is the soul of this country, a country that has given me so much.”

The upcoming event is by no means Mr Testino’s first time photographing the Royals. He was the photographer that took the official royal engagement photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

He was also responsible for the beautiful Vanity Fair cover shoot of Princess Diana in 1997. Aside from the royals, Mario can count all the top fashion designers and celebrities as his clients.

The christening is set to take place this Sunday in a church at Queen Elizabeth II’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk. While it will undoubtedly be a big family affair, Prince Harry is expected not to be in attendance as he is scheduled to be on the way to Africa at the time.

We are already SO excited to see the photos! 

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