OK, so Scarlett Johansson opening up a popcorn shop has kinda baffled us.

One; well, it's not the first thing we think of when it comes to Scarlett Jo, but also because who says, 'when I become rich and famous I want to sell popcorn!'? 

But, the blonde beauty has gone ahead and opened up a popcorn shop with her hubby in France.

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Named Yummy Pop (… yep), it will serve top notch popcorn in flavours such as truffle, parmesan & sage and real Vermont cheddar. Very fancy, indeed.

The new venture is going to have a soft opening this weekend where Scarlett will even be serving popcorn to her guests.

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Yummy Pop is located in Marais, and if it's a hit, Scar plans on opening up in locations all around France.

In fairness, we'd give it a go.