Stunning star strips off for a worthy cause


We are in pretty much in awe of Lucy Watson.

The Made In Chelsea star has stripped off for a new campaign in aid of animal rights group PETA, and she could not look any more stunning.

The committed vegetarian, keen to raise awareness of animal cruelty, bared all in a thought-provoking ad, promoting the charity.

And Spencer Matthew's ex-girlfriend doesn't hold back when she explains why she was eager to get behind the campaign.

“Anyone who's seen videos of animals going to slaughter can attest, those animals know something terrible is about to happen and they won't go quietly. Nothing they can do will help them escape. Is this fair?” she said.

Lucy reveals in her exclusive column with OK! Magazine that she credits her slim, toned appearance to her dietary choices and avoiding meat helps maintain her energy levels: “Many people find that when they stop eating meat, they have more energy, lose weight and just feel better overall. Maybe it's good karma!”

Lucy certainly makes a great case for vegetarianism; but do PETA's ad campaigns have the desired effect on you?