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The internet has been overcome with Ice Bucket Challenge videos in recent weeks. Forget cat memes or food porn, now it’s all about throwing a bucket of ice water over your head.

The challenge is certainly for a good cause – raising awareness for ALS (commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) and hopefully inspiring people to make a donation to an ALS charity. But are online campaigns like this one more about showing off to your followers and fans than actually wanting to help out?

The ALS Association would argue that it’s the latter, as they’ve collected over $15.6 million (€11.7 million) in donations since the challenge began gaining traction among big business names like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. Countless celebrities including Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift and even Oprah have also gotten in on the act. Sure, it’s gimmicky and exhibitionist, but it’s raising awareness and collecting cash.

The same is true for the #nomakeupselfie madness which took over Facebook back in March and April. Users were nominated by friends to post pictures of themselves without make-up, and to make a donation of €4 to a breast cancer charity. At the start, the idea seemed a bit ridiculous – show off how good you look without make-up and donate a few euro to charity. But soon it became clear that the campaign had really taken off. The Irish Cancer Society received over €1 million in donations, with more raised for cancer charities elsewhere in the world.

The real problem lies in the recent popularity of challenges that are no more than dangerous dares, such as Nek Nominations. The aim of this bizarre trend was to down a pint of beer on camera, and nominate your friends to do the same.  

While supporters of the challenge argued it was just a bit of fun, things got totally out of hand with video posters going to extreme lengths to stand out. It’s one thing to throw back a glass of beer – it’s quite another to drink a pint of straight spirits just for kicks.

Nek Nominations really took a dark turn when it was reported that the deaths of two Irish men were linked to what they had done in their videos. The trend has since all but disappeared from social media but it is a stark reminder of how dangerous online challenges can be, as people compete to show off just how “brave” they are.

The use of social media has changed in recent years and it is now being used less and less as a way to interact with friends and instead as a way to connect with the world at large. The outcome is not always a positive one, so perhaps it’s best to stop and take a moment to think next time you share that “hilarious” video or picture of you doing something crazy.



Prince Harry’s girlfriend Cressida Bonas is the latest star to have shared a make-up free selfie to raise money for Cancer Research

The Prince’s beau has joined the likes of Helen Flanagan, Cheryl Cole, Michelle Keegan and Jemima Khan in backing the #nomakeupselfie campaign, which has raised millions for the charity.

The 25-year-old looked like a natural beauty while sporting a messy top-knot and a fresh face in the picture.

Cressida and Harry, who started dating in 2012, were recently spotted on a skiing trip to Kazakhstan – maybe that’s where she got that glow.

The couple stayed in a resort owned by a wealthy oligarch and caught a helicopter ride to the exclusive resort of Shymbulak for a private holiday.

Beautiful and rich. Jealous, us?







Michelle Keegan has rubbished claims she wore make-up when posing for her recent #nomakeupselfie photo and insisted the picture wasn’t for self-promotion.

Michelle posted her selfie, as part of the ongoing Cancer Research campaign, looking suspiciously flawless with enviable eyebrows and glowing skin.

The actress posted the ‘just awake’ picture on Twitter with the message, “Mooorning! #nomakeupselfie #breastcancerawareness show your support text BEAT 70007 It’s so easy! Do your bit. X.”

While she was flooded with messages of how stunning she looked, other weren’t so kind with one follower writing, “@michkeegan f**k off you’ve got eyebrows eyelashes and lips on.”

Another accused her of self-promotion writing, “clearly wearing make up…using a good cause for self promotion #shocking #shallow”

Michelle wasn’t taking it lying down and responded, “I got 14.000 favourites with that pic, if everyone donated that means the charity got £42.000…did u donate! Probably not!”

The actress added, “And just for the record I actually wasn’t wearing make-up! Stop being so negative it’s for charity U silly boy!”




The #nomakeselfie has literally taken over social media in the past few weeks as women ditch the slap to raise awareness and much needed funds for cancer research.

However, it seems that ditching the make-up in favour of a more natural look is the way to go, as new research finds men and women prefer faces that use a minimum amount of cosmetics.

Psychologist Dr Alex Jones at Bangor University conducted a study that found men prefer women who wear up to 40% less make-up.

The study, which will be published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, looked at the use of cosmetics and found that while it is thought men find make-up more attractive than no make-up, it is actually the complete opposite.

According to the results: “When reporting their own preferences for makeup, men found faces more attractive when they were wearing less makeup, up to 40% less than the actual amount worn.”

Talking about the latest no make-up selfies which have raised nearly €750,000 for the Irish Cancer Society, Dr Jones said: “I hope everyone takes the positive response to their no makeup selfies on board, and well done for raising awareness and money for a good cause!”



Cheryl decided to show her Instagram followers what she really looks like in the morning, even though we’re not so sure she is entirely make-up free.

The singer shared the “no make-up” selfie after a fun night with her friends while on a trip to South Africa.

The 30-year-old also quoted Beyoncé in her  Instagram caption: “I woke up like dis….***Flawless.”

Whether Cheryl has been inspired by the “no make-up” selfie trend over taking Facebook, she is definitely wearing a hint of eye make-up in the snap.

We only wish we looked this good first thing in the morning.




The thought of posting a selfie with no war paint on is scary stuff.

But raising money for a really good cause might give you the extra courage you need.

The Irish Cancer Society has been flooded with donations in the past couple of days thanks to the ‘No makeup selfie’ trend.

Thousands of women around the country shared a selfie of themselves wearing no makeup on Facebook and Twitter to raise money for the worthy charity.

‘#nomakeupselfie’ is currently the number one Twitter trend in Ireland as hundreds of photos continue to be posted every hour.

And not to be outdone, even men got in on the craze by posting selfies of themselves with lots of slap on.

The charity says that more than €200,000 has been raised so far and counting, as the trend continues online.

Cancer charities in the UK revealed they have raised more than £4 million thanks to the campaign, with celebrities such as Kym Marsh joining in.

If you would like to make a donation to the Irish Cancer Society Text Pink or Daff to 50300 to donate €4.