Corrie star defends her no make-up selfie as fans say she’s wearing slap


Michelle Keegan has rubbished claims she wore make-up when posing for her recent #nomakeupselfie photo and insisted the picture wasn’t for self-promotion.

Michelle posted her selfie, as part of the ongoing Cancer Research campaign, looking suspiciously flawless with enviable eyebrows and glowing skin.

The actress posted the ‘just awake’ picture on Twitter with the message, “Mooorning! #nomakeupselfie #breastcancerawareness show your support text BEAT 70007 It’s so easy! Do your bit. X.”

While she was flooded with messages of how stunning she looked, other weren’t so kind with one follower writing, “@michkeegan f**k off you’ve got eyebrows eyelashes and lips on.”

Another accused her of self-promotion writing, “clearly wearing make up…using a good cause for self promotion #shocking #shallow”

Michelle wasn’t taking it lying down and responded, “I got 14.000 favourites with that pic, if everyone donated that means the charity got £42.000…did u donate! Probably not!”

The actress added, “And just for the record I actually wasn’t wearing make-up! Stop being so negative it’s for charity U silly boy!”