It’s time to ditch the full face in favour or a more natural look


The #nomakeselfie has literally taken over social media in the past few weeks as women ditch the slap to raise awareness and much needed funds for cancer research.

However, it seems that ditching the make-up in favour of a more natural look is the way to go, as new research finds men and women prefer faces that use a minimum amount of cosmetics.

Psychologist Dr Alex Jones at Bangor University conducted a study that found men prefer women who wear up to 40% less make-up.

The study, which will be published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, looked at the use of cosmetics and found that while it is thought men find make-up more attractive than no make-up, it is actually the complete opposite.

According to the results: “When reporting their own preferences for makeup, men found faces more attractive when they were wearing less makeup, up to 40% less than the actual amount worn.”

Talking about the latest no make-up selfies which have raised nearly €750,000 for the Irish Cancer Society, Dr Jones said: “I hope everyone takes the positive response to their no makeup selfies on board, and well done for raising awareness and money for a good cause!”