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After winning parole in July of this year, OJ Simpson is expected to be released from a Nevada prison as soon as Monday, October 2.

The 70-year-old was famously acquitted of the murder of ex-wife, Nicole Brown, but later jailed for armed robbery and assault with a weapon in 2008.

The former NFL star has served just nine years of a 33 year sentence, and while the details of his parole have not yet been finalised, David Roger, the Clark County district attorney who tried Simpson in 2008, said: "Based upon my knowledge of his background and behaviour in prison, I expect he will be a very good candidate for getting parole."

As it stands, the inmate remains at Lovelock Correctional Centre in northern Nevada awaiting transfer to High Desert State Prison , where he would be freed. 

Once released, OJ will be supervised by the state Division of Parole and Probation until September 29, 2022.

According to Brooke Keast, a spokeswoman for the Nevada state department of corrections, video footage of his release is expected to be released to the public.


The news surrounding Lamar Odom’s health has certainly been more positive than during his initial hospitalisation. Khloé Kardashian recently sat down with Ellen and described the progress he has been making since he was first hospitalised.

Sources recently told TMZ that the former basketball player and spouse is having trouble recognizing familiar faces. Now People reports a district attorney in Nevada may press criminal drug charges against him. 

During the initial investigation, police came to Lamar's hospital room in Las Vegas to collect a blood sample. This was then sent for testing to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police lab.

Officials with the Nye County Sheriff's department have now asked the district attorney to pursue the case as a criminal matter. In a statement to People, Nye County District Attorney Angela A. Bello said her office would review their request but has declined to give further details. 

“The Nye County Sheriff's Office has now asked the Nye County District Attorney's Office to review a request for prosecution against Lamar Odom for Use of, or Under the Influence of, a Controlled Substance.”

Lamar was found unconscious at the Love Ranch in October.

Reports now indicate the former NBA star may be having difficulties recognizing friends and family and could have long-term brain damage. 

Last week, Khloe told talk show host Ellen that they have not yet told Lamar how he ended up in a coma. She said that there is a fear that if he knew the extent of the situation it would “set him back” in his recovery.

“He's really confused a lot we have to remind him. Every day is different. Sometimes he knows who the president is, and his birthday, and other times he thinks he's 26.” 


They've been inseparable for close-to six months.

Indeed, in August when a loved-up Khloe Kardashian threw a mega 26th birthday bash for the equally-smitten basketball star James Harden, it very much seemed that the pair were the real-deal. 

However, in light of her estranged husband's collapse in a Nevada brothel and subsequent hospitalisation, Ms Kardashian has been forced to re-evaluate their fledgling relationship.

And despite friends and family being hugely supportive of their union, it's not good news for Mr Harden.

Yes, perhaps unsurprisingly, the 31-year-old reality TV star has now made the decision to cut all romantic ties with James so she can focus 100 percent on Lamar Odom's rehabilitation and recovery – which reportedly will take several months. 


James Harden alongside Khloe Kardashian at his 26th birthday in Marina Del Rey on Tuesday night.

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TMZ, which broke the story, now says: "We're told Khloe is putting her relationship with the NBA star on ice, and as one source puts it, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see she still has deep feelings for Lamar."

She and Lamar, 35, split in December 2013 but only signed divorce papers in recent months – documentation which hasn't yet been processed. 

Ms Kardashian dated rapper French Montana last year before hooking up with 6ft 5in Houston Rockets star James. 

After staying quiet on social media while Mr Odom remained in a critical condition, Mr Harden has in the last 48hours made a return to Instagram. He posted a snap which shows him posing up alongside Houston Astros baseball star, Carlos Correa.

On Sunday an interview he did before Lamar's collapse appeared in the The Houston Chronicle. "Turning 26 was special,' Mr Harden admitted.

"Khloe did an amazing job with the birthday party."

He added that professionally and personally, things in his life were going well. "Everything is flowing. Everything is what I imagined it would be," James explained. "My family is great. Friends. Everyone is in a good place right now."