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SHEMAZING! TV, the latest addition to Ireland’s fasted growing celebrity, style, fashion and entertainment news website www.SHEmazing.net is excited to announce the launch of their new ‘S! Factor’ competition.

The competition, sponsored by new Cadbury Eclairs Velvets, will run for 8-weeks, and will see TV presenter hopefuls put through their paces from the audition all the way to their first red carpet interview. With every step of the competition captured on film and updated to the SHEmazing.net website, online users will get the chance to vote for their favourite contestant, while the judges make the decision in the grand finale.

The ‘S! Factor’ judging line-up includes model, radio presenter and TV personality Daniella Moyles; TV presenter and radio DJ – Sarina Bellissimo and IMAGE magazine’s beauty editor and owner of beauty-bootcamp Liz Dwyer.

To be in with a chance  of becoming the next Laura Whitmore, click here.



If you want your bum to look nice in jeans, you don’t really need to have a lot of junk in your trunk. Anyone with a bit of know-how can find a pair that will make their bum look fabulous!

Here are a few tips to make your bum look SHEmazing!

Choose skinny jeans over flares
Flared jeans overpower the frame of your body and make your bum look smaller than it is.

Always go for low-rise jeans
If the rise on your jeans is too high it will only make your bum look longer, flatter and not so sexy.

Pockets, pockets, pockets
This is key (especially if you don’t have much of a backside). Jeans with back pockets help pump up your behind. In fact, the higher the pockets, the better.

Avoid dark colors
Dark colors don’t show the definition of your body, so for a sexier bum, choose lighter colored jeans.

Know your size
Don’t get one size too small or one size too big. With jeans, the perfect fit is the best fit.



Walking into a party with the same outfit as someone else can be a daunting, but what about having everyone online comparing you to another celeb pal who happened to wear the same frock?

Even though they all look SHEmazing, let’s have a nosy at which celebrities had to deal with that dreaded feeling- it happens to the best of us.

Mariah or Jennifer Aniston?


Rosie Huntington or Jennifer Hudson?


Charlize Theron or Kim K?


Victoria Secret’s Angel Miranda Kerr or Halle Berry?


And to spice things up…

Nicole Scherzinger, Nayra Rivera or Alesha Dixon?