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Two Irish brothers have just created the most amazing mosaic of Conor McGregor – and it's made entirely out of Lego.

The incredible piece of art measures just under four feet by four feet and took approximately two months to complete.

Jay and Mark Byrne are big fans of both Lego and McGregor and thought, hey, why don't we put our interests to good use.

Mark told the Irish Mirror, "We're fans of McGregor and big fans of Lego so we thought we would combine the two together and make this.

"We had to design it on the computer so between that and actually making it it took us between two and two and a half months.

"The computer design took about a week and then the Lego part there is about 300 hours in it, myself and Jay had to make time with work and everything.

Image: irishmirror.ie

The pair are part of the adult Lego group, Brick.ie, and say that even though the project was a costly one to undertake, it was all worth when they saw the end result.

“There was well over €2,000 worth of Lego in it, it's a very expensive hobby.”

The brothers have said they would be willing to sell the piece if the offer is right, adding that Conor would be more than welcome to place a bid of his own. 

"I wasn't planning on it but if I was offered enough money I would sell it definitely."

"If McGregor got that chequebook out he would be more than welcome to it."

The mosaic will be on show at Kildare County Show in Athy on June 18.

And who knows, maybe The Notorious himself will even pop down for a look?  

Feature image: irishmirror.ie



We spent many hours as kids creating (and tearing down) our dream Lego houses.

And even now, if we see our 5-year-old cousin's Lego box, there's something in us that wants to spill them all out on the floor and play with them (just us?).

However, you'd never think of getting a job as a Lego builder… until now.

Image result for lego

Yep, the highly sought-after job as a Lego model designer is actually available and it's based in actual Lego Land.

Dreams do come true, huh?

As advertised on LinkedIn, the role involves designing and building world-class models. Animated models are even in the mix too (and our minds are blown).

Image result for lego

If you're interested, experience with model design/product design is handy, as well as experience in IT.

You can apply for the job here, and applications close on April 10.



Do you have makeup palettes coming out of your ears at this stage (same)? 

Image result for all urban decay palettes

Well, if you do, we suggest you take a leaf out of this guy's book, and build yourself a makeup organiser from LEGO! 

That's right ladies… Lego! 

A Reddit user recently posted an image of her new palette organiser, which her kind-hearted boyfriend built for her using Lego.  

Image result for lego

In addition to the glorious pink and green palette holder, the girl's boyfriend also built a lipstick holder from pink Lego pieces. 

Someone give this man an award, or something!

Fair play to him!  



The 1916 Rising is something that will stick with every Irish person, no matter what generation.

It's a part of our heritage, but sometimes sitting down in history class in school was sooo boring.

But, not for these 3rd class pupils from Sunday's Well Boys National School in Cork. They decided to spice their history lesson up a bit.

Instead of staying with the books and Powerpoint presentations, this 3rd class re-imagined the poignant event through Lego. 

The class reenacted and narrated the whole thing, and we have to say, it's pretty damn good.

Fair play, Sunday's Well Boys National School. Fair play. 


If you are one of the unfortunate souls (and there are many of us) who has ever had the absolutely brutal experience of stepping on a piece of Lego, then we have good news.

Lego are making extra padded slippers to avoid such devastation in the future. Yes, extra padded slippers with the Lego logo and in a fetching red and yellow combination. 


You are now free to walk about your home without the fear of losing your feet to such a travesty ever again.

However, there is a catch. Only 1,500 pairs of the slippers are available. French blog Piwee explains how you can your hands on a pair.It seems pretty straightforward, you just need to fill out a Christmas wish list. 

That should really not pose a problem because who wouldn’t want to put a pair of these at the top of their Christmas list?

Oh, and another feature of the slippers that we love is the fact that they are interchangeable. 

So you don’t need to worry about putting your shoe on the wrong foot. You can wear them whatever way you wish.

Now you can forever be safe to walk about your home without the lingering worry of a piece of plastic (that actually feels like a thousand tiny knives) getting lodged in your foot. 


LEGO was already basically the best thing ever (and completely ok for grownups, it doesn’t matter that the box says ages 8-14, that’s just a suggestion) but it just got even better.

Japanese artist and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi has developed a way of making functional LEGO bricks out of chocolate, so that you build and eat at the same time.

The chocolate is a bit harder and more robust than normal so that it doesn’t break or melt during building, but it still edible.

It was made my pouring chocolate into tiny silicone moulds, which are easy to pop out without damaging the shape. He managed to make dark, milk and white chocolate bricks, and the detail is pretty impressive.

There’s no word on whether LEGO are looking into making this an actual product but we can only hope. And email them twice a day.




This video shows how, even as an adult, you can construct pretty great things out of the small bricks.

It’s time to pull out your secret stash of Lego and put it to good use.



The LEGO movie is out on the 14th Feb and features a great cast including Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman amongst many others.