Lego bricks just took a delicious new turn

LEGO was already basically the best thing ever (and completely ok for grownups, it doesn’t matter that the box says ages 8-14, that’s just a suggestion) but it just got even better.

Japanese artist and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi has developed a way of making functional LEGO bricks out of chocolate, so that you build and eat at the same time.

The chocolate is a bit harder and more robust than normal so that it doesn’t break or melt during building, but it still edible.

It was made my pouring chocolate into tiny silicone moulds, which are easy to pop out without damaging the shape. He managed to make dark, milk and white chocolate bricks, and the detail is pretty impressive.

There’s no word on whether LEGO are looking into making this an actual product but we can only hope. And email them twice a day.