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Johnny Depp has given his first public interview since the news of his upcoming divorce and the related allegations of abuse broke last month, but in the recent interview the actor failed to address both issues.

Appearing on the radio show Jonesy’s Jukebox on Sunday with his band the Hollywood Vampires, the 53-year-old spoke about music, the band’s European tour and how he accidentally ended up acting while trying to pursue a career in music.

He said: "I've [been a musician] since I was little – since I was 12 I've played."

"I started playing clubs when I was like 13 in Miami." 

"I needed to pay rent…Somebody said, 'Why don't you go meet an agent.  My agent is with Nick Cage.'  So she sent me on an audition for something and I got it." 

When his band broke up Depp continued to act because “it seemed like a good way to pay the rent for a minute”.

Earlier this week Johnny’s former finacé Winona Ryder became the latest high profile name to comment on the abuse allegations made against him by his current wife Amber Heard.

She insisted the Pirates of the Caribbean star was never abusive towards her during their three year relationship.

So far Amber has successfully been granted a temporary restraining order against Johnny.

The pair are due to appear in an LA court in mid-August to see if that restraining order will be enforced permanently.

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It doesn't look like the interest in the infamous Depp/ Heard saga is going to wane anytime soon, and with people weighing in from all corners the story is only gaining momentum.

Latest to add her tuppence to the furore, is Johnny Depp's ex fiancé and long term friend, Winona Ryder, who has spoken out against the abuse allegations made by Amber Heard. 

Winona, who was in a relationship with the Pirates of the Caribbean star for three years, spoke to TIME magazine, where she gave her thoughts on the situation.

"He was never, never that way towards me. Never abusive at all towards me," she insisted.

"I only know him as a really good, loving, caring guy who is very, very protective of the people that he loves” said the Little Women actress. 

Amber Heard,30, filed for divorce from Johnny Depp,53, in May of this year after claiming that their four years of marriage had been rife with abuse due to the actor's 'history of drug and alcohol abuse.' 

And Winona definitely isn't the first person to speak out against the allegations of domestic abuse.

Johnny Depp's daughter, and Chanel muse, Lily Rose Depp shared a post to her 1.9 million instagram followers, where she defends her father, stating he is 'the sweetest, most loving person I know.'

Lily Rose is the daughter of Vanessa Paradis, who was with Johnny Depp for 14 years. 

Johnny and Amber are set to appear in Los Angeles Superior Court on August 15. 

We have a feeling this is going to be one MESSY separation. 

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Ever since news broke that Amber Heard had obtained a restraining order against Johnny Depp, fans of the former couple wasted no time playing judge and jury.

With the actress claiming that she's been the victim of domestic abuse, one corner of the public immediately accepted the claims as fact while others were quick to defend the Pirates of the Caribbean star against the allegations.

Reminding everyone that they only know what they have been fed by the press, Jaime King has insisted neutrality on the part of the public is vital in this instance.

Speaking to UsMagazine.com, the Hart of Dixie star explained that while Johnny played a very important part in her career, but she is not in a position to comment on what went on behind closed doors.

"Listen, I love Johnny Depp," she began. "One of my very first movies he played my father.  He is one of the most loving, kind, generous, attentive, brilliant men that I've ever met."

In spite of this, Jaime says people need to acknowledge the severity of the matter, saying: "It is a deeply painful situation and people are treating it as if it's entertainment, and it's not f**king funny. And it's not entertaining."

"It's all hearsay. It's all he said, she said. Frankly, it's not about sides because we cannot take sides in a situation that we're not there for, bottom line," she added.

The Sin City star, who recently revealed she had been the victim of sexual assault, insists the former couple need to be given space, saying: "It's about loving and supporting each person by saying, give them their privacy let them work it out."

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Amber Heard has filed another lawsuit in relation to Johnny Depp's legal battle – but now, she's filing one against his friend.

E! News has confirmed that Amber has filed a defamation lawsuit against one of Johnny's closest friends, comic Doug Stanhope,after he wrote an article for website The Wrap, where Doug claimed that his BFF is being "blackmailed" by the actress.

"Amber Heard filed a lawsuit today in the Arizona Superior Court for the County of Cochise. The defendant is Doug Stanhope, a resident of that county," Amber's counsel told the site.

"The Complaint alleges that Stanhope is a close friend of Johnny Depp and, as part of a coordinated effort, wrote a highly defamatory article about Ms. Heard, filled with completely false, highly defamatory and very hurtful statements.

"Ms. Heard seeks the maximum possible jury award, and will donate 100 percent of the proceeds from the lawsuit to Chrysalis, a domestic violence shelter in Arizona, in an effort to counter the setback made to women by the defendants' defamatory article and related wrongful acts."

We can see this getting very messy.



Speculation surrounding Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's sudden divorce intensified in recent days when word got out that the 30-year-old actress had accused the Pirates of the Caribbean star of domestic abuse.

And with family members, friends and co-stars weighing in from all directions, it was only a matter of time before the Danish Girl star responded to the speculation.

After Johnny's friend, Doug Stanhope, accused the actress of blackmail in a letter which was printed by The Wrap, Amber's lawyer, Peter Sample, defended his client against the accusations.

Insisting that Doug's claims had no grounding in reality, Mr. Sample said: "The allegations against Ms. Heard are absolutely and unequivocally false."

Accusing Doug of 'muckraking for profit', Mr. Sample denies claims that Amber "has been manipulating Johnny Depp and is now blackmailing him by telling about his domestic abuse."

In addition to petitioning for divorce, Amber also sought and was granted a temporary restraining order against her former husband.

Amber's attorney has demanded that The Wrap retract the story.



Following the announcement of his split from Amber Heard last week, Hollywood superstar, Johnny Depp, has faced serious press scrutiny, and it doesn't look like things are about to get better any time soon.

In addition to being accused of domestic abuse, the actor has now learned that his latest Tinseltown offering has officially tanked at the box office.

With Alice Through the Looking Glass expected to take in a whopping $70 million in its opening weekend, the news that it fell massively short of that figure is not going to sit well with moviemakers.

Pulling in just $28 million in its first weekend, the Alice in Wonderland sequel failed to set the box office alight, with the press suggesting that his recent headlines may have been a contributing factor.

According to Deadline, however, industry analysts have contradicted that point, insisting that earlier reviews are likely to have swayed the public's opinion.

The news comes after Johnny's former partner and teenage daughter have defended him against allegation of domestic abuse, with Vanessa Pardis writing: "He is a sensitive, loving and loved person, and I believe with all my heart that these recent allegations being made are outrageous."

"In all these years I have known Johnny he has never been physically abusive with me and this looks nothing like the man I lived with for 14 wonderful years," she insisted.

Johnny and Amber have been married for 15 months.


Warning: Contains imagery some readers may find upsetting.

In a shocking turn of events, Amber Heard has filed and been granted a temporary restraining order against Johnny Depp.

The model filed for divorce earlier this week citing "irreconcilable differences" for the split and now claims she has been the victim of domestic abuse.

Johnny's lawyers have already responded and they are denying the alleged assaults. They are saying that her restraining order "appears to be in response to the negative media attention she received earlier this week".

The 30-year-old showed up in court to file the order with bruises on her face, TMZ reports.

In a photo obtained by the website, Amber is seen with bruises on her face, which she claims were given to her last Saturday after Johnny threw an iPhone at her face.


It has been less than a day since E! News confirmed that Amber Heard is filing for divorce from Johnny Depp, and the actor has asked his rep to make a statement.

The following statement was made last night in America:

"Given the brevity of this marriage and the most recent and tragic loss of his mother, Johnny will not respond to any of the salacious false stories, gossip, misinformation and lies about his personal life.

"Hopefully the dissolution of this short marriage will be resolved quickly."

Amber filed for divorce from Johnny stating "irreconcilable differences" after the couple were married for only 15 months.


We totally didn't see this one coming – and we're devastated!

Amber Heard has filed for divorce from Johnny Depp – just three days after the actor’s mother died, TMZ has reported.

The actress signed a divorce petition on Monday citing "irreconcilable differences" for the split.

Johnny and Amber married early in 2015 at a private ceremony in their home in LA.

TMZ is also stating that Amber has asked for spousal support, yet Johnny is keen to not give it to her.



Edward Scissorhands is one of our favourite Christmas films and it is still so good that it could have been made yesterday. 

It's so wondrously weird and well acted that we cannot believe it is actually 25 years old!.

So before we go ahead and stick it on in the build up to Christmas, we decided to celebrate its lasting brilliance by bringing to you a load of fun facts you might not have known about the epic film. 

1. Tom Hanks with Scissorhands?

A number of Hollywood actors were considered for the part of Edward and Tom Hanks reportedly turned the role down. Director Tim Burton also considered Tom Cruise and Michael Jackson for the iconic part. 

It eventually went to Johnny, a casting decision that according to Tim "just worked out." 

We definitely agree. 

2. A Backstreet Boys cameo? 

Have you ever noticed which famous boy band member made a cameo in the film? 

You have to look REALLY hard but Nick Carter – who would go on to perform in 90's pop group The Backstreet Boys – has an uncredited role in the film. 

He can be seen enjoying a Slip-n-Slide as Edward drives past in a car. 

3. The film is based on Tim Burton's life 

Director Tim Burton has described the film as being inspired by his own awkward teenage years. 

Growing up in suburban Los Angeles, Tim had problems making friends and socialising with his peer group. 

4. Tim loved Winona Ryder as Kim 

The director would later reveal that he loved Winona Ryder in the blonde, cheerleading role.

Winona, who had mostly played dark and moody characters, went completely against her typecast to play Kim. 

"It was so funny. I used to laugh every day when I saw her walk on the set wearing this little cheerleader outfit and a Hayley Mills-type blonde wig. She looked like Bambi," said Tim. 

5. The location is real 

The suburban setting of the film is not a set but was actually filmed on location in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. 

According to the set designer, all the houses were painted four primary colours which were described as sea-foam green, dirty flesh, butter and dirty blue. 

6. Smaller windows please!

The windows of all the houses were altered to look much smaller than they were in real life. This was in order to increase the sense of paranoia in the community. 

7. The inspiration behind THAT hair 

Johnny Depp's hair for the role was in fact inspired by the rock band The Cure. 

Edward's hair and costume was partially designed to pay homage to lead singer Robert Smith's notorious look. Apparently Tim is a major fan. 

8. Becoming Edward took time 

Johnny Depp had to spend one hour and forty-five minutes in hair and make up everyday to transform into Edward. 


We all know that Johnny Depp’s missus Amber Heard is absolutely stunning but that wasn’t the only thing that attracted the him to the 29-year-old.

According to Mr Depp, what really got his juices flowing was Amber's taste in music.

Yep. The 52-year-old accompanied his wife on the red carpet earlier this week and he couldn’t help but gush about her to E! News.

"We connect on a lot of levels but the first thing that really got me was that she's an aficionado of the blues… I would play a song, some old obscure blues song and she knew what it was."

Well, who knew!

Of course, it wasn't only an eclectic taste in music that impressed the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. He admits he was also chuffed to realise Amber was a keen reader.

"She's very very literate. She's a voracious reader as I have been so we connected on that level as well. And she's kind of brilliant."

Hmm, so it would seem that Mrs Depp is a little bit of an old soul.

The two were on the red carpet for the premiere of The Danish Girl, in which Heard co-stars alongside Oscar winner, Eddie Redmayne and rising star Alicia Vikander.

After chatting enthusiastically about his lovely wife, the actor noted that he was "a very lucky man."

We definitely agree with you there, Johnny! 


Johnny Depp is a movie star that completely captivates his audiences. No matter what role he plays, it's clear he puts in every effort for it to be great. 

That's why it's so surprising to find out that Johnny nearly didn't get the chance to bring one of his most famous characters, Captain Jack Sparrow, to life. 

The Pirates of the Caribbean character might not have made it on to the big screen as Disney executives didn't love his acting choices and wanted to get rid of the star.

One of Disney's former head execs, Michael Eisner was apparently not pleased and according to Johnny, said, "Johnny Depp's ruining the film!"

Speaking to Moviefone, he then continued: "They wanted to fire me. I fully expected to be fired, and I got a call from the upper echelon at Disney who were courageous enough to ask me, 'What the f**k  are you doing?'"

Mr Depp's eccentric portrayal of Captain Jack has since become one of the most famous movie roles of all time (not to mention the inspiration of countless fancy-dress costumes), but it seriously concerned those financing the film at the start. 

"The questions came up, 'Is the performance drunk? Is it gay?' All I could say was – 'cause they set me up with a great line – I said, 'Well don't you know all my characters are gay?'" he laughed. "They were actually gonna put subtitles under my character, they couldn't understand Captain Jack."

The Disney execs finally relented and allowed Johnny to go ahead with the role, and the rest, as they say, is cinematic history. Here's hoping he can still make movie magic with the next instalment of the series, due out 2017.