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It's nearly impossible to imagine one of the best shows of the last few years killing off two of its beloved main characters, but the Duffer Brothers are no ordinary show-runners.

They have recently revealed that during their initial planning process, they decided that Steve and Eleven would be killed off during season one. 

NOT BABYSITTER STEVE. Please, we beg. Or Eleven, she's our new badass feminist hero, if only we were that cool at 14.

The hit Netflix series just wouldn't be the same without it's leading protagonist Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the lovable babysitter Steve Harrington (Joe Keery).

Over the course of two (soon to be three!) seasons, these characters have become both deeply integral to the show while also becoming massive fan favourites – which begs the question, why would they have ever been killed off in the first place?


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In a brand new behind-the-scenes companion book Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down, Matt and Ross Duffer have let slip that both Eleven and Steve weren't originally meant to survive, because Eleven was allegedly going to sacrifice herself to save the others.

"Eleven was going to sacrifice herself to save the day. That was always the end game." The proposed deaths would have been a huge transformation to the storylines of the show's future.

It soon became crystal clear to the Duffers that Stranger Things would return for season two, which changed everything.


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"We needed to leave it more up in the air, because deep down we knew the show just wouldn’t really work without Eleven. And at that point, we knew how special Millie Bobby Brown was. If there was going to be more Stranger Things, Eleven had to come back."

Millie Bobby Brown has emerged from the show as one of the most prominent talents of generation, and has showed maturity far beyond her age. She even shaved her head for her audition for the role of Eleven to show her commitment to the role. A true Kween.


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Steve Harrington was kept alive by the Duffer brothers mostly because the fans absolutely adored him; his character arc from Nancy's obnoxious boyfriend to lovable and selfless babysitter to the pack of alien-fighting kids gripped the audience. 

It was thanks to actor Joe Keery's portrayal of local Hawkins heartthrob that also contributed to the script change: "This Steve character, he was just supposed to be this giant douchebag," Ross revealed.

The Duffers also revealed that Bob Newby (Sean Astin) was always intended to die, but he originally was planned be killed off a lot earlier in the series. “Sean Astin proved so likeable that Bob’s death got pushed from episode four to episode eight because we kept wanting to keep him alive,” he explained.

“It was important to us and also to Sean to give him a bit of a hero’s death. We wanted him to accomplish something meaningful."

Judging by the trailer for season three, Eleven and Steve will be more essential to the show than ever before. 

The creators have claimed that the newest season is based centrally in Hawkins mall, and takes it's primary inspiration from The Thing: 

"While it's our most fun season, it also turns out to be our grossest season," Ross Duffer teases. "We're inspired by John Carpenter's The Thing. We're inspired by Cronenberg.

"We have a little bit of a George Romero vibe in there as well. There are horror movies and horror masters that we haven't really paid tribute to as much in previous seasons that we are definitely going to get into this season."

Season three of the fan favourite show is premiering in summer 2019 on Netflix. We're counting down the days, people.


Yes, you read right.

Winona Ryder is known for being a bit, shall be say, quirky.

However, during the press tour for her up-and-coming movie, Destination Wedding alongside Keanu Reeves, she shocked with a confession. 

She is sure that she married Keanu Reeves on-camera when they made Dracula in 1992. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, Winona said, “we actually got married in Dracula. No, I swear to god I think we’re married in real life.''

While their characters get married in the movie, the man marrying them wasn't acting like they were. 

“In that scene, Francis [Ford Coppola] used a real Romanian priest,” she explained. 

“We shot the master and he did the whole thing. So I think we’re married.”

It seems that Keanu doesn't share the same crystal-clear memory as his co-star as he asked Winona did they actually say ''yes''.

Yep, they did, she reminded him.

''It was Valentine's Day,'' she told him.

How romantic! 

The penny finally dropped for her alleged hubby whe he admitted, “oh my gosh, we’re married.''

And it's all thanks to director Francis Ford Coppola

Destination Wedding hits cinemas on August 31st and we are so there – who doesn't love two '90s icons? 


Stranger Things fans listen UP: your wish for S3 might have just been granted.

The hit Netflix show is due to be back on our screens in summer 2019 (yes, we are raging about this.)

While the cast have been dropping bits and pieces of info about what to expect when we head back to Hawkins, it's been David Harbour who plays Chief Jum Hopper that has finally given us some juicy storylines that we can't wait to sink our teeth into.

It's obvious to anyone who watches the show that Hop and Joyce Byers( Winona Ryder) have some hot chemistry between them…we're talking a tangible fizz.

It was during a Q&A at an Emmy nomination celebration event on Friday however that David let slip a possible S3 spoiler. 

According to Variety, David said that, ''it's the summer of love in Hawkins, Indiana."

It sounds like while Eleven and Mike will be enjoying their blossoming teen romance, Hopper might not be on his own. 

"I mean Hopper has his own issues with love, but Hopper will probably be confronting some of those issues, yes," David said. 

Sounds like a Jopper hint to us!

David has always been a die-hard shipper of his and Winona's characters, so for him, this is what he's wanted since S1.

“There may be other people in the mix in this situation, but I think they’re built for each other and I would love to see them get together,” David revealed. 

“From the very beginning, I thought that these are two tortured, messed up, beautiful people who are like puzzle pieces that can’t stand each other but actually need each other.”

This is definitely not the first time David has shared his thoughts on the will-they-won't-they romance between Joyce and Hopper. 

David bashfully explained his best scenes on S2 when he said, "there will be nights on set at three or four in the morning where Winona Ryder will be telling these stories and I will have this experience where I look at her and I’m feeling so jazzed about my life. And I feel like I’m in love with her – it’s a beautiful thing."

If that isn't true love, we don't know what is. 


Listen kid, your mother looks so beautiful at the sag awards tonight…

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Netflix released a teaser for S3 titled, ''Ahoy! Something is coming… to Hawkins, Indiana!', showing the new Starcourt Mall, equipped with fan fave Steve Harrington and newcomer Robin (Maya Thurman-Hawke) at their jobs in Scoops Ice Cream Parlour. 

It's nt enough for us superfans out there so David, if you're reading this, please don't stop with the spoilers, ok?

We are HERE for them. 

And Jopper, obvs. 


We have been dying to see what happens to the Stranger Things crew next!
But unfortunately, the new release date of Stranger Things has officially ruined our day.

It was an emotional final episode as we lost a beloved character, saw rekindled romances, and watched people dance the night away at Snowball.

Spoiler alert!

We were left on the edge of our seats as the camera flipped to show the school still in 'the upside down', and the monster looming over it all.

To our dismay, Netflix has confirmed that the season three will not be released until Summer 2019.

Yes, we have to wait an entire year! Why is it taking so long?

When asked during the Television Critics Association press tour on Sunday, Netflix’s VP of Original Content, Cindy Holland, said they are taking their time with the ‘hand-crafted show’.

‘You know, the [creators] the Duffer Brothers and [director] Shawn Levy have worked really hard and they understand the stakes are high.

‘They want to deliver something bigger and better than what they did last year.[…] it’s gonna be worth the wait.’

A recent trailer for the series modelled an advert for the Starcourt Mall, informing viewers of its opening next summer.

So, while we were warned of the possible release date, many of us fans were hoping for a fall debut.

Expectations continue to rise as the Duffer Brothers take their time creating the follow up season.

So, we will just have to wait a bit longer to see Eleven kick some alien a**!



Remember when Stranger Things won Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Drama at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last month?

And remember the faces Winona Ryder pulled while her co-star, David Harbour, delivered an impassioned speech celebrating the win?

Well, while the internet went to town on the footage and bandied around endless reasons for the actress's bizarre expressions, it turns out Winona's peculiar behaviour was down to little more than a small audio problem.

Speaking to PEOPLE at the Writer's Guild Awards in New York at the weekend, David insisted the only reason Winona looked so bizarre during the show's big moment was because she couldn't hear David's speech.

“She couldn’t hear me," he insisted. "Which I was confused by, because I was screaming! But apparently, she couldn’t hear me."

Insisting that Winona's reaction to his speech was pure…well… Winona, David said he was glad the moment played out as it did.

"She is just such a porous, expressive woman and actress — I think it just flowed through her like every experience — and I loved it."

He's not the only one.




Edward Scissorhands is one of our favourite Christmas films and it is still so good that it could have been made yesterday. 

It's so wondrously weird and well acted that we cannot believe it is actually 25 years old!.

So before we go ahead and stick it on in the build up to Christmas, we decided to celebrate its lasting brilliance by bringing to you a load of fun facts you might not have known about the epic film. 

1. Tom Hanks with Scissorhands?

A number of Hollywood actors were considered for the part of Edward and Tom Hanks reportedly turned the role down. Director Tim Burton also considered Tom Cruise and Michael Jackson for the iconic part. 

It eventually went to Johnny, a casting decision that according to Tim "just worked out." 

We definitely agree. 

2. A Backstreet Boys cameo? 

Have you ever noticed which famous boy band member made a cameo in the film? 

You have to look REALLY hard but Nick Carter – who would go on to perform in 90's pop group The Backstreet Boys – has an uncredited role in the film. 

He can be seen enjoying a Slip-n-Slide as Edward drives past in a car. 

3. The film is based on Tim Burton's life 

Director Tim Burton has described the film as being inspired by his own awkward teenage years. 

Growing up in suburban Los Angeles, Tim had problems making friends and socialising with his peer group. 

4. Tim loved Winona Ryder as Kim 

The director would later reveal that he loved Winona Ryder in the blonde, cheerleading role.

Winona, who had mostly played dark and moody characters, went completely against her typecast to play Kim. 

"It was so funny. I used to laugh every day when I saw her walk on the set wearing this little cheerleader outfit and a Hayley Mills-type blonde wig. She looked like Bambi," said Tim. 

5. The location is real 

The suburban setting of the film is not a set but was actually filmed on location in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. 

According to the set designer, all the houses were painted four primary colours which were described as sea-foam green, dirty flesh, butter and dirty blue. 

6. Smaller windows please!

The windows of all the houses were altered to look much smaller than they were in real life. This was in order to increase the sense of paranoia in the community. 

7. The inspiration behind THAT hair 

Johnny Depp's hair for the role was in fact inspired by the rock band The Cure. 

Edward's hair and costume was partially designed to pay homage to lead singer Robert Smith's notorious look. Apparently Tim is a major fan. 

8. Becoming Edward took time 

Johnny Depp had to spend one hour and forty-five minutes in hair and make up everyday to transform into Edward. 



Winona Ryder was seen in Brooklyn, New York, recently with what seemed like a huge baby bump…but it’s only for her new film Experimenter, The Stanley Miligram Story.

The movie is based on the real-life story of Yale University social psychologist, Stanley Miligram, who ran controversial and eye-opening experiments in which people administered electric shocks to strangers.

The so-called Obedience Experiments proved how far people will go when somebody in a authoritative positions tells them what to do.

Peter Saarsgard is set to star as the psychologist while Winona will play Sasha Menkin, his student and love interest.

We’re really looking forward to this movie and to seeing Winona on-screen again!


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