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This week's beauty product which the entire Shemazing crew is LUSTING over is positively mind-blowing. Why? The Skin Nerd, that's why.

We all know and adore Jennifer Rock; CEO and founder of the iconic skincare company, award-winning dermal facialist, skin trainer and best-selling author. 

Their legendary Nerd Network online skin consultations have changed the lives of over 10,000 clients, leading Jennifer and the team to have a deep understanding of what people need from skincare.


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Seeing as Jennifer Rock knows literally EVERYTHING in the whole entire world about skin, she's the perfect person to create her very own skincare product range; Skingredients®.

Now, we're always wary about believing the hype of new products on the market, but we've tried and tested the Skin Nerd's collection and it's phenomenal. Undoubtedly, it's set to become a cult brand.

Skingredients® is your skin's balanced diet, a range of goodies made up of the exact key ingredients that your skin needs: Nothing more, nothing less. 


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The highly-anticipated range has been created for people of all ages and skin types, and is customisable to your individual needs.

Skingredients® targets skin concerns instead of types, seeing as your skin is an ever-changing organ requiring alternating result-driven ingredients all the time.

The capsule collection features seven products: The Core 4 plus three mix-and-match products to tailor your Skingredients® recipe.


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The range is totally fragrance-free, according to Jennifer's mantra that smells don't change cells.

The Core 4

These four products are your must-have ingredients which are integral to skin health, basically everyone needs them throughout their life as the basics.

1. PreProbiotic Cleanser, €25 (100ml)


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The number one Skingredients® product is the biome-balancing, hydrating first step of the recipe.

PreProbiotic Cleanse is a nourishing cleanser with super-mild exfoliant polyhydroxy acid. PrePro is set to arrive in stock-lists near the end of June, so get yourself on the waiting list STAT.

It's 100 percent worth the wait. Good bacteria isn't just for your gut; the daily cleanser with a prebiotic-probiotic complex and PHA is designed to restore the skin's flora and keep your skin soft, plump and hydrated.

The featherweight lotion has enough muscle to remove eye makeup as well as everything else the day has put your face through. 

2. Skin Veg, €42.00 (30ml)


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Skin Veg brings all the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant goodness of vegetables to your face, without you having to eat kale or superfood salad.

If your skin is an organ, the ingredients you put on it is essentially food for your face. It's important to know every ingredient and why it's necessary to be within the product.

Skin Veg is a hyaluronic acid and is part of your skin's 10-a-day, highlighter, no-fuss hydration prep for maximum results.

The pre-serum and penetrant enhancer works to prepare your skin to absorb the active ingredients in your other products, and packs goodness into your skin.

Featuring extracts from tomato, broccoli, cucumber, liquorice root, aloe vera, beta-glucan, beta carotene and a clinically-proven pro collagen peptide to brighten and exfoliate your skin, you don't want to miss this.


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3. Skin Protein, €42.00 (30ml)

This flawless Vitamin A and C Serum brings the nutrients needed for your skin's proteins.

Formulated to protect and maintain heathy skin, this product is an all-rounder that  revamps, revitalises and restores for smoother, tighter, firmer and hydrated skin.

Packed with vitamins, a clinically proven pro-collagen peptide, essential fatty acid rich sunflower seed oil and super potent antioxidants, your skin will be protected from environmental damage.

Skin Protein is ideal for mixing with other serums, and the daily anti-ageing normalising product is suitable for everyone except pregnant people. It's basically results-driven strength-training for your skin.


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4. Skin Shield, €42.00 (100ml)

Every single person on earth needs Broad Spectrum Light Protection, that's a fact. New research has discovered that blue light from screens can damage our skin, as well as rays from the sun.

Your skin may protect your organs, but what actually protects your skin?

The Skin Shield is a broad spectrum physical SPF 50 (PA+++) perfect for protecting your skin against UVA and UVB rays, infrared and HEV light, the light emitted from computers and screens.

Even better: it's water-resistant and oil-free. The moisturising, mineral SPF base gives daily coverage with niacinamide to defend damage. It'll give you a dewy but not shiny finish, and we're sold.

Mix + Match Products

Target skin concerns only specific to you whenever you need to, with these mix-and-match treats. Add them to your Core 4 routine when your skin needs some TLC.


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A-HA Cleanse, €25.00 (100ml) 

A-HA is named for that Eureka moment when all your skincare hopes and dreams come true to create a dewy, bright and hydrated face.

The exfoliating cleanser and resurfacing micro-mask contains lactic acid and PHA (polyhydroxy acid) for nightly-use.

The cleanse gently exfoliates, cleans and brightens your skin, working to boost your natural moisturising factor for extra-skin hydration too.

Perfect for those with normal, dehydrated or dry skin and pigmentation, or an uneven tone. Lactic acid is renowned for creating a brightened skin tone, sure Cleopatra bathed in it daily and look how fierce she looked.

Sally Cleanse, €25 (100ml)


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Blackheads? Bye b*tch.

This cleanser, spot-zapper and micro-mask contains the most salicylic acid legally allowed in an EU product (two percent).

The Sally Cleanse works to dissolve debris within the pore to stop spots at the source while simultaneously reducing oil production. It's essentially Skincare Jesus,

If you're too oily to feel comfortable, suffering from blackheads or have under-the-skin bumps or keratosis pilaris, Sally is your main woman.

For spot-prone skin, use as a pore-clearing deep cleanse once every second night along with the PreProbiotic Cleanse.

Skin Good Fats, €42.00 (30ml)


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Skin Good Fats isn't just a great moisturiser; it acts as ceramide barrier balm, feeding your skin's barrier with what it recognises.

The barrier balm provides your skin with a skin-native ceramide, essential fatty acids and a patented anti-irritation ingredient to replenish the good fats your skin already uses.

By doing this, your skin is happy, plump and hydrated. Make it your night cream and moisturiser if your skin is dry, itchy, irritated or annoyed.

The Skin Nerd has their sights set on global exportation of Skingredients® over the next 18 months, and they're ready to takeover the world of skincare. 


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The entire range is also cruelty-free, fragrance-free and free from animal-derived ingredients. A percentage of the products will be donated to an alternate charity each year.

Two years in the making, the Skingredients® range was aimed to simplify skincare for the masses while remaining affordable. Jennifer explained her goals when she dreamed up the glorious goodies;

“Results-driven skincare can be so expensive and unattainable. I wanted to make it simpler. My belief is that you need to mirror what you’re putting into your body with what you’re putting onto your skin."

It's all about empowerment and confidence. Do yourself a huge favour and try the range. Trust us, you'll never look back.

Skingredients® is available online, in pharmacies, department stores and selected salons nationwide.

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Skin Nerd founder Jennifer Rock has some exciting news…

The skin care company is opening a new online department store that will have all of our favourite products.

The new store will also allow customers to access selected products from the store without needing to have a consultation.

So, how exactly is this new store different from Nerd Network?

Nerd Network is an exclusive online community of advice, education and access to highly active products, whereby each member avails of an online skin consultation with a Nerd or Nerdette.

After the online consultation, you are officially a member of the Nerd Network and will be sent a nerdie homework sheet, explaining how and when to use your recommended, results-driven products that are shipped straight to your door.

All the professional products are sent with nerdie love.

Whereas the online store is for people who want to buy certain products that don’t require a consultation from the Nerd Network.

It is dedicated to those who prioritise their skin’s health and already know which products they need or would like to try.

The store is divided into sections including, inside (nutritional supplements), outside (skincare), on top (mineral makeup) and brand names.

The Skin Nerd’s most beloved products from Yon-Ka, IMAGE and Bellápierre, Dermalogica, Advanced Nutrition, Environ, Pestle and Mortar, Dermastir and Tan Organic are currently available on the open store.

From SPF, spritzes to mineral makeup, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Additional products will be launching on the store in phases, so keep your eyes on the site.



Winter has officially arrived, ladies.

And with winter comes cosy clothes, cups of hot chocolate…. and cold, cracked skin, right?

If you're determined to keep your skin in tip-top condition this time around, why not follow the advice of Jennifer Rock, AKA The Skin Nerd, who knows a thing or two about caring for your complexion in the cold.

We'll let Jennifer take it from here…

1. Hydration

"I am not a fan of rich creams in general – regardless of having oily or dry skin!" she explains.

"I personally opt for serums as their lightweight texture ensure they penetrate into the lower layers, which serves a more useful purpose. In fact, if the skin is functioning optimally, you will not need a moisturiser as the skin will and should be able to create its own oil and hydration factors."

"Psychologically, people love the feel of the cream as it’s comforting – but remember that a thick cream is not feeding it, just protecting it."

"Layering serums is much more worthwhile. Having said this, those with skin conditions, such as psoriasis or eczema, and those who work outdoors need a barrier cream to protect their skin from the elements."

Acid Exfoliation

"If you haven’t already, I’d recommend ditching granular exfoliation, as it strips the skin and creates micro-tears on its surface."

"Instead, introduce acids such as lactic acid and up your vitamin A intake, as these methods are much more respectful to the skin," Jennifer advises.

"Gritty scrubs do not encourage the skin to work itself out, while an acid will."


"When my skins needs change I tend to change my diet more than my skincare to ensure my skin gets the nutrients it needs."

I increase my intake of fish, omegas, nuts seeds and oils, as this is vital to give the internal skin the tools to lock the moisture in, otherwise we are slapping it on top and not sealing it in."

"You know what I say –‘Feed the skin from within’. There’s only so much a good skincare regime can do!"


When it comes to wedding day preparation, there's no denying that certain things tend to take centre-stage in any discussion surrounding the run-up to a woman's big day; dress, venue, honeymoon.

But these elements are, as most of us know, only scratching the surface.

While the gown, the destination and the post-nuptial holiday are certainly heavy-hitters, most brides-to-be will assert that some of their biggest concerns in the lead-up to their big day are their health, vitality, wellbeing and appearance.

With the sheer amount of time and effort that goes into organising a wedding, it's no surprise that many women begin to feel the strain, and subsequently worry that their efforts will take their toll physically.

And that, ladies, is where Jennifer Rock – AKA The Skin Nerd –  comes in.

Every bride dreams of having glowing, flawless skin on their big day, and Jennifer is on hand with top tips for achieving  bright, radiant, iridescent, dewy and luminous bridal skin.

1. Prep is key

While considering the dress of your dreams, psyche yourself up for the skin regime at the same time.

Many wait until six weeks prior to their wedding and it may not be enough time to tackle any true concerns, so seek a consult as soon as the engagement party is over! 

2. Take your vitamins

Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful – a wonderfully exciting time no doubt, but still a busy time so be sure to up the multi vitamin intake, horse vitamin C into you.

Take 1,000mg daily to ward off colds while also strengthening capillary walls – bearing in mind red is the first colour to be seen on camera! I’d also recommend taking lysine to prevent cold sores!

3. Plump your skin

Hyaluronic is ideal to pump moisture into the skin and act as an added bonus to the two litre of water intake!

It can be added to any serum, booster or moisturiser to soften fine lines and wrinkles – a touch into a body cream is also recommended for smooth hydrated skin. This will assist in getting that flawless false tan application!

4. School yourself on fatty acids

Take omegas internally ie essential fatty acids in the form of supplements or oily fish.

These will have your body both wedding and honeymoon ready – helping to keep it soft with less inflammation and stress breakouts.

5. Treat yourself

Environ Hydra Boost is ideal to give the bridal glow, IPL and Neostrata Peel 3 months prior, needling 6 months prior do NOT try anything new the month of the wedding unless advised by a facialist.




Welcome to the future, pretty ladies!

Jennifer Rock is delighted to have launched www.theskinnerd.com – the world’s first virtual skin consultation service. The site also features a comprehensive online skincare department store with access to thirty award winning and international brands.

Traditionally, consultations have been performed by therapists trained with one or two specific brands and in a world where no one brand fits all skincare needs, for many, this diversity is a key attraction of the skinnerd.com.

The online department store is exclusive to clients of the virtual consultation service and features a selection of hero and high performance products from 30 international and award winning brands.

It will offer customers the opportunity to avail of impartial advice, removing brand barriers while combining the best of ranges to create the perfect bespoke skincare regime with all products being couriered to your front door.


#NERDNEWS www.theskinnerd.ie is a 'comin as per hundreds of your requests … register now …2017 is shaping up to be an amazing year. Come February 1st I will be self employed and am so unbelievably thankful and grateful to every single human that bought a @cleanseoffmitt or supported me via my Instagram, Facebook and Snap chat mediums… my website will be live next month…. the skinnerd.ie it will be an information station with Skin knowledge from myself and so many people I have recruited as my team of panellists including a pharmacist, doctor, functional medical doctor, acne doctor, nurse , makeup artists ( you'll know them !) Semi permanent makeup artists and so much more ….. the skin is an organ, in my opinion not one angle addresses the problem so my aim is to educate and for us all to learn from one another and empower people to make their own decision. Sooo please feel free to add your name to the list so when we go live you will be amongst the first to delve deep into the nerd brain ! I have so many plans I'm literally bursting but …. without you all watching and supporting it would not be a reality. Whatever may come of it – thank you ALL #skin #skincare #newbeginnings #staytuned #theskinisnanorgan #theskinnerd

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Since launching last week, www.theskinnerd.com has received a phenomenal reaction with thousands seeking consults with Jennifer and her team of Nerdettes.

The virtual consultations involve a thorough process whereby clients fill in detailed questionnaires and provide high quality images of their skin before their appointment with a Nerdette is made.

The client is then prescribed their ideal skincare regime with products hand-picked from various results driven brands. These consultation slots have proved extremely popular and have already booked up until October.

“It has been a positively outrageous success to date. We have a waiting list of over 500 people and have had to hire three new Nerdettes to support demand. I’m honoured, thrilled and excited to be assisting people from all around the world – from the US and Canada to Australia and Europe” said Jennifer, in response to her amazing new venture.

Jennifer firmly believes that a key selling point of www.theskinnerd.com is the ‘Nerd Network’ which all clients become a part of following their virtual consult.

Displaying Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 13.50.06.png

The ‘Nerd network’ offers exceptional after care service. Six weeks after a client has had their initial consultation, their Nerdette reconnects with them for a follow up appointment to make sure they are satisfied with their prescribed skincare regime and are achieving their desired results.

Have you ever heard of anything so gosh-darn convenient? No, you have not. 


Jennifer Rock, also known as The Skin Nerd, is a self-confessed skin fiend.

A qualified beauty therapist and a dermal therapist, she has travelled the world lecturing on skincare to fellow therapists, nurses and doctors, and has gathered a wealth of knowledge as a result of her collaborations with fellow professionals.

She believes in a three-pronged approach toward skin health: feed the skin inside with good food and supplements, respect the skin on the outside with quality skincare, and finalise the process with high-quality mineral makeup on the top.

Jennifer sat down with SHEmazing for an exclusive chat about the launch of her business, the obstacles she has faced and the advice she would share with fellow businesswomen.

Jennifer reveals that establishing her own business has always been a dream of hers, saying: "I've always worked for others as though it was my own business.This industry is my passion and career all rolled into one, so it was the natural progression to influence my career myself."

Like many business owners, Jennifer admits that her there is no such thing as a typical day in the life of The Skin Nerd – an aspect of her job she truly relishes.

"I could be doing a treatment on a celeb, attending meetings for my product Cleanse Off Mitt, writing an article/newsletter for my newly launched website, MCing at an event, lecturing in the Royal College of Surgeons. It's bananas but I would not have it any other way. "

And while there is no doubting the pleasure Jennifer derives from her business and its success, she acknowledges it can be difficult to switch off at times.

"'Consume' sounds negative but my business and this industry is a large part of my life – and I enjoy it! I am learning to switch off though! Many say that this is not a healthy way to live, but this has always been me. I am often in trouble for how fast I talk – that's just my brain!"

To the public, Jennifer's success appears almost seamless –  an endeavour that went from strength to strength – but the businesswomen is at pains to stress that she has encountered her fair share of obstacles along the way.

Reflecting on the initial launch of the Cleanse Off Mitt three years ago, Jennifer says "I was not prepared, I did it all wrong and I learned my lesson the hard way."

"I've learned to slow down somewhat, become patient, and listen to others more experienced than me. It's a huge huge learning curve and I’m still in the thick of it."

But if you think recent successes means Jennifer is happy to rest on her laurels and bask in the success, you'd be very much mistaken. Jennifer does not take her success for granted, and still finds herself marvelling at her numerous accomplishments.

"Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I see people read my website or a magazine article featuring me, not aware I'm sitting there beside them, or when a room-full of people send me a Snapchat picture of them holding my Cleanse Off Mitt, or when I see hundreds of people listen attentively when I talk," she reveals.

"But perhaps I need to reflect more sometimes. I'm truly appreciative to be in the position I am in. I’m lucky to have great friends and family who have been rocks and huge supports along the way."

And when it comes to representing The Skin Nerd brand 24/7, Jennifer makes no attempt to present a diluted version of her life, saying: "The version of me that I portray on social media is authentic, so it really is me."

"It’s perhaps a more professional version in some respects but me all the same! What you see is what you get – spots, face masks and all! "

Reflecting on the importance of seeking advice when needed, she explains: "I'm part of an amazing initiative called Going For Growth, which is run by Paula Fitzsimons. It is a business programme that offers structure, themes and round table meetings to businesses as they grow."

"This has to date proved invaluable in terms of the connections and soundboards I have encountered. I also believe that in order for me to grow as a business owner I need to learn from other sectors, and both male and female successes, so I am open minded to learning always.

"The website has been more successful than I could ever have imagined. I'm a doer, and possibly not the best planner, so I'd suggest more research and time management than I did – but ultimately I work off the premise "believe in yourself and do it," she says when asked what nuggests of advice she would pass on to budding entrepreneurs.

"This is possibly not business-orientated, but I really do believe there is a lot to be saying for trying. I've been working toward this goal for years, I've double jobbed, triple jobbed, said yes to it all and then mastered it."

"It doesn't fall on your lap, it's a determination bordering on obsession that will see you through the late nights, tired mornings, dark circles and onto the eventual rewards."