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Festivals are great and everything, but you have to admit; when you're still slightly drunk/hungover there's nothing better than a mean plate of food.

Well, anyone heading to Groove Festival this year will be delighted to know that The Celtic Kitchen is coming – and we're already drooling over the grub.

The Celtic Kitchen is a brand new take on festival food where chefs will use traditional cooking techniques with the very best of local Wicklow produce.

There will be three different stages going on over the weekend and the Celtic Culinary Stage will see chefs Paul Kelly, Rory Morahan and Ed Hick on hand to showcase all that is great about Irish food.

And if that wasn't enough, there will be the Demonstration of a Fulachta Fiadh where a chef will re-create a Fulachta Fiadha – the style of cooking created by our ancestors. It uses scorching hot rocks to heat a water pool where meat joints are cooked and wrapped in hay. Interesting…

And last but not least, Meet & Eat Street Kitchen will have traditional Irish grub (with a bit of a fancy twist) available for you to have while you party away.

We think we might just head for the food now…


The humble Irish fry is making headlines today with the news that black pudding is set to become one of 2016's biggest superfoods.

Yup, it joins the ranks of quinoa, kale, chia and goji berries as one of those on-trend, super-healthy foods that nutritionists rave about.

Of course, for us Irish, black pudding is hardly 'on-trend' – we've been serving it up next to fried eggs and rashers for years. But if the breakfast favourite can get the unlikely honour of being named a 'superfood,' surely some of our other oh-so Irish guilty pleasures are next on the list?

While you whip up your first black pudding, blueberry and quinoa sandwich of the year, take a look at our predictions for the next big superfood…

1. A Waterford blaa
Like all good superfoods, a blaa has that air of mystery about it. Why are they unique to Waterford? Why are they called blaas? Is the hard or soft version better? So many questions.


2. Tayto crisps
Take a potato, slice it, fry it in sunflower oil, add a few drops of magical morning dew from an Irish forest, and you get… Tayto. Or something like that.


3. Guinness
Well, according to the old ads, Guinness is good for you. But is it SUPER for you? That remains to be seen.


4. A Butler's Hot Chocolate
Pure decadence. If hot chocolate melted into milk isn't downright super we don't know what is.


5. White pudding
How come black pudding gets all the attention, eh?


6. Barry's Tea
We challenge ANYONE to say they don't feel at one with the world after a good cup of Barry's.


7. Homemade scones
With butter. Or jam. #blessed #cleaneats 


8. Madeira cake
Dessert? Ha. This stuff is so good it could be a meal all by itself.


9. The long-lost jelly star from Afternoon Tea biscuits
A good superfood should be obscure and hard to track down. Enter the urban legend that is the jelly star.



Here in Ireland we know our food is second to none, but over in the US, we're mainly known for Guinness and stew.

So we were pleasantly surprised to see an Irish kitchen favourite getting a shout-out from none other than Kourtney Kardashian.

The mum-of-three finally launched her official website and app this week – a full three months after her sisters did the same – and one of the recipes contains a very familiar brand name.

If you plan on making Kourt's Krispies (basically glorified Rice Krispie shapes), you better have some Irish butter to hand, because the reality star specifically stipulates the use of Kerrygold butter in her ingredients list.


Of course, Kerrygold isn't just an Irish staple – it's also available across Europe and the US.

A spokesperson for the butter's manufacturer, Ornua, said the company was "delighted" to see Kerrygold "making its way into Kourtney Kardashian’s kitchen."

As well as recipes, Kourtney promises fans will receive a glimpse into her life via her new app, with personal journal entries, decorating tips and more all available to those who sign up.


There's nothing more satisfying that taking something delicious out of the oven, smug in the knowledge that you made it yourself and that it's going to be downright delicious.

It's not always that easy though – when it comes to finding all the correct ingredients and getting the measurements exactly right, sometimes it seems easier just to buy something off the shelf instead.

That's why we love the new Boutique Bake range, the brainchild of Irish best friends Suzanne and Catherine, who saw a gap in the market for bread and cake mixes that are easy to whip up but still taste as if they are made from scratch.

From gooey chocolate brownies and zingy lemon drizzle cake to rustic brown bread, there's something for everyone – and the results are mouth-wateringly good.

S! TV's Niamh Geaney headed to the kitchen with Catherine and Suzanne to find out more – check out the video above!



Every country has its own distinct foods, but Irish food takes it to a whole new level.

No, we may not have invented French bread or hummus, but have you HAD a hot chicken roll lately?!

Here are the 10 foods Irish people everywhere just love:

1. Bacon and cabbage
This old Irish meal may be losing popularity as generations go by, but you’re still bound to get a good feed of bacon, cabbage, spuds,  white sauce and carrots boiled to within an inch of their lives when you visit your nana!

2. Club orange
Or, as Tommy calls is ‘fizzy orandge’. There is a definite obsession with Club Orange in Ireland and it’s always paired with a…

3. Hot chicken roll
A magical deli creation of breaded chicken and your choice of filling. The ultimate hangover cure.

4. Tayto sandwich
You may be a King’s person and it’s an old age debate but the majority tend to swing towards cheese and onion Taytos in their crisp sandwiches. With Brennan’s bread and REAL butter only, thanks.

5. Tea
It can be argued that this isn’t a food group – but who are we kidding? Tea is for all occasions and all occasions require tea. With milk. The great Barry’s vs. Lyons rages on…

6. Garlic cheese chip/Curry cheese chip
Or, as one SHEmazing! girl witnessed one night: curry and garlic cheese chips. While we don’t condone that absolute sin, a simple garlic cheese chip OR curry cheese chip hasn’t let us down yet.

7. Superquinn sausages
While we’re still on the fence about the green sausages unveiled for Paddy’s Day, no Irish fry is complete without a good old Superquinn sausie.

8. Brown bread
It seems almost impossible to find good, proper brown bread outside of this heavenly island. Perfect with REAL butter – we’re hungry now.

9. Triangular sandwiches
Associated with funerals or family gatherings, you spent your youth looking for the plain ham triangular sandwhich and are scarred for life from that one time you bit into an egg mayo one age 5. *shudder*

10. A good ol’ fashioned spud
Now, we hate to be a cliché, especially on St. Patrick’s Day, but is there anything better than a floury potato mashed with some REAL butter and a little salt sprinkled on top? 


We all have our own weird hangover food cravings (chicken fillet roll with 1.5 tonnes of ketchup, anyone?) but most Irish people can agree that the humble crisp sandwich is a pretty universal cure.

Tayto, King, Hunky Dorys… whatever your poison, crisps never taste better than when snugly encased between two slices of white bread. But if all that slicing and assembling seems like too much hassle on a grim Sunday morning, well this new enterprise could be the answer to your prayers.

Last week a article on satirical news website The Ulster Fry about a fake crisp sandwich café opening in Belfast went viral, prompting restaurateur Andrew McMenamin to start his own real-life venture in the Northern Irish city.

Andrew owns The Wee Café, an eatery in central Belfast that from today will be home to The Simply Crispy, a pop-up selling all varieties of crisp sandwiches, served with soup and chips. DELISH.

As well as a design-your-own-sandwich option, there's also talk of Cheesy Wotsit infused chips. Hold us…

People of Belfast, we are VERY jealous right now.


Oh, childhood dinners. We may love our food now but eating was such a CHORE back then. We feel sorry for our poor mammies who slaved over meals only for us to give up after two bites. Here are some of the foods most of us can remember vividly from the dinner table!

1. A standard Irish stew
These days it’s all fresh torn coriander and slow-cooking, but the stew of our childhoods was usually a bowl of mysterious brown mush. It always tasted amazing though (if not a bit bland) and was best served with a slice of white bread and butter to mop it all up.

2. Sunday roast
Though it was called “dinner,” this was always served around the 12pm mark. Roasties – tick. Veggies – tick. Chicken and ham – tick and TICK. Best dinner of the week by far.

3. “Salad”
Iceberg lettuce, cold ham and hard-boiled eggs were all staples in the Irish Mammy version of salad, which was usually a serve-yourself situation. No balsamic and honey dressing here. Oh, god no. Notions!

4. Bacon and cabbage
Love it or hate it, this was a staple in many Irish houses. Boiled ham and cabbage, usually served with a creamy white sauce. The ultimate comfort food.

5. Potato waffles, sausages and beans
This was the usual lazy Tuesday night dinner which you horsed into you before running off to piano or Irish dancing classes. Waffles could also be swapped out for toast, for a real low-maintenance option. This is one meal we still crave when the Sunday fear hits.