Celtic Kitchen at Groove: Festival grub DOESN’T get much better

Festivals are great and everything, but you have to admit; when you're still slightly drunk/hungover there's nothing better than a mean plate of food.

Well, anyone heading to Groove Festival this year will be delighted to know that The Celtic Kitchen is coming – and we're already drooling over the grub.

The Celtic Kitchen is a brand new take on festival food where chefs will use traditional cooking techniques with the very best of local Wicklow produce.

There will be three different stages going on over the weekend and the Celtic Culinary Stage will see chefs Paul Kelly, Rory Morahan and Ed Hick on hand to showcase all that is great about Irish food.

And if that wasn't enough, there will be the Demonstration of a Fulachta Fiadh where a chef will re-create a Fulachta Fiadha – the style of cooking created by our ancestors. It uses scorching hot rocks to heat a water pool where meat joints are cooked and wrapped in hay. Interesting…

And last but not least, Meet & Eat Street Kitchen will have traditional Irish grub (with a bit of a fancy twist) available for you to have while you party away.

We think we might just head for the food now…