Irish dinners we all remember from our childhood!

Oh, childhood dinners. We may love our food now but eating was such a CHORE back then. We feel sorry for our poor mammies who slaved over meals only for us to give up after two bites. Here are some of the foods most of us can remember vividly from the dinner table!

1. A standard Irish stew
These days it’s all fresh torn coriander and slow-cooking, but the stew of our childhoods was usually a bowl of mysterious brown mush. It always tasted amazing though (if not a bit bland) and was best served with a slice of white bread and butter to mop it all up.

2. Sunday roast
Though it was called “dinner,” this was always served around the 12pm mark. Roasties – tick. Veggies – tick. Chicken and ham – tick and TICK. Best dinner of the week by far.

3. “Salad”
Iceberg lettuce, cold ham and hard-boiled eggs were all staples in the Irish Mammy version of salad, which was usually a serve-yourself situation. No balsamic and honey dressing here. Oh, god no. Notions!

4. Bacon and cabbage
Love it or hate it, this was a staple in many Irish houses. Boiled ham and cabbage, usually served with a creamy white sauce. The ultimate comfort food.

5. Potato waffles, sausages and beans
This was the usual lazy Tuesday night dinner which you horsed into you before running off to piano or Irish dancing classes. Waffles could also be swapped out for toast, for a real low-maintenance option. This is one meal we still crave when the Sunday fear hits.