10 foods Irish people are borderline obsessed with


Every country has its own distinct foods, but Irish food takes it to a whole new level.

No, we may not have invented French bread or hummus, but have you HAD a hot chicken roll lately?!

Here are the 10 foods Irish people everywhere just love:

1. Bacon and cabbage
This old Irish meal may be losing popularity as generations go by, but you’re still bound to get a good feed of bacon, cabbage, spuds,  white sauce and carrots boiled to within an inch of their lives when you visit your nana!

2. Club orange
Or, as Tommy calls is ‘fizzy orandge’. There is a definite obsession with Club Orange in Ireland and it’s always paired with a…

3. Hot chicken roll
A magical deli creation of breaded chicken and your choice of filling. The ultimate hangover cure.

4. Tayto sandwich
You may be a King’s person and it’s an old age debate but the majority tend to swing towards cheese and onion Taytos in their crisp sandwiches. With Brennan’s bread and REAL butter only, thanks.

5. Tea
It can be argued that this isn’t a food group – but who are we kidding? Tea is for all occasions and all occasions require tea. With milk. The great Barry’s vs. Lyons rages on…

6. Garlic cheese chip/Curry cheese chip
Or, as one SHEmazing! girl witnessed one night: curry and garlic cheese chips. While we don’t condone that absolute sin, a simple garlic cheese chip OR curry cheese chip hasn’t let us down yet.

7. Superquinn sausages
While we’re still on the fence about the green sausages unveiled for Paddy’s Day, no Irish fry is complete without a good old Superquinn sausie.

8. Brown bread
It seems almost impossible to find good, proper brown bread outside of this heavenly island. Perfect with REAL butter – we’re hungry now.

9. Triangular sandwiches
Associated with funerals or family gatherings, you spent your youth looking for the plain ham triangular sandwhich and are scarred for life from that one time you bit into an egg mayo one age 5. *shudder*

10. A good ol’ fashioned spud
Now, we hate to be a cliché, especially on St. Patrick’s Day, but is there anything better than a floury potato mashed with some REAL butter and a little salt sprinkled on top?