This crisp sandwich café has made our hungover dreams a reality!

We all have our own weird hangover food cravings (chicken fillet roll with 1.5 tonnes of ketchup, anyone?) but most Irish people can agree that the humble crisp sandwich is a pretty universal cure.

Tayto, King, Hunky Dorys… whatever your poison, crisps never taste better than when snugly encased between two slices of white bread. But if all that slicing and assembling seems like too much hassle on a grim Sunday morning, well this new enterprise could be the answer to your prayers.

Last week a article on satirical news website The Ulster Fry about a fake crisp sandwich café opening in Belfast went viral, prompting restaurateur Andrew McMenamin to start his own real-life venture in the Northern Irish city.

Andrew owns The Wee Café, an eatery in central Belfast that from today will be home to The Simply Crispy, a pop-up selling all varieties of crisp sandwiches, served with soup and chips. DELISH.

As well as a design-your-own-sandwich option, there's also talk of Cheesy Wotsit infused chips. Hold us…

People of Belfast, we are VERY jealous right now.