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After becoming the subject of an online hate campaign, Gigi Hadid has defended her controversial impression of the future First Lady, Melania Trump.

Following her impersonation of Donald Trump’s wife at Sunday night’s American Music Awards ceremony in LA, the 21-year-old was branded “racist” by critics who denounced her adoption of an exaggerated European accent in a skit which referenced Michelle Obama’s “stolen” speech.

This morning, the Hilfiger model issued a statement on Twitter claiming her portrayal of Melania was conducted in “good humour and with no bad intent”.


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In the handwritten note, Gigi explained how she “removed or changed anything in the script that [she] felt took the joke too far”, before stressing her belief that “Melania understands show business”.

“I too have been the centre of a nationally televised comedy skit that poked fun at my actions,” she wrote.  “And [I] was able to find the humour in it.”

“I believe Melania understands show business and the way shows are written and run.”

In her closing statement, the young star apologised to those offended by the performance and insisted she has “only the best wishes for [her] country”.


Gigi Hadid found herself at the centre of a social media storm this morning when she was hit with a wave of abuse for her impression of Melania Trump.

While hosting the 44th American Music Awards ceremony in LA last night with impression expert Jay Pharoah, the 21-year-old model openly mocked the future First Lady by impersonating Melania’s “face”, adopting an exaggerated European accent and poking fun at the plagiarism accusations waged at Ms Trump after she appeared to borrow parts of a Michelle Obama speech in July.

“I gotta do the face right,” began Zayn Malik’s girlfriend.  “I love my husband, President Barack Obama and our children, Sasha and Malia.”

Members of Gigi’s star-studded audience laughed quietly at her joke, but those watching the event at home were less than amused.

Many took to Twitter to voice their grievances, with some going as far as to suggest that the impression was “racist”.

“Its racist when Trump says illegals should leave, but not when Gigi Hadid makes fun of Melania Trump’s European accent? #DOUBLESTANDARD (sic),” wrote one person.

“Idiot.  If someone did that to Moochelle they’d be called a racist.  Sorry you’re not as pretty as Melania, Gigi,” said another.

Others criticised the Californian for lacking class in choosing to portray Trump’s third wife.

“A model making fun of a model.  Not classy @GiGiHadid, not classy.  Just silly #AMAs #disappointed,” read one Tweet.

While another group focused on comparing Gigi with Melania through tweets like: “Dear @GiGiHadid, @MELANIATRUMP is 100 percent more beautiful and smart than you will ever be.  How dare you, boycott the #AMAs.”


Since the controversy surrounding Gigi's performance is still gaining pace, we think it'll be a while before this blows over.



Obama has possibly been the coolest president ever.

From his sense of humour to his extraordinary wife and intelligent daughters, he was certainly a president of the people.

Image result for obama winking gif

And one of the things we liked about him the most of his goofy dad moments.

During a trip to Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in Washington this week, Barack delighted us all by giving as the epitome dad moment.

He did an impression of Sasha and Malia on their phones.

The minute he walked into the room he said: "It is so nice to see you guys. I know you may have been waiting here a while.

"Good thing you all had your phones with you. As the father of two teenage daughters, I know the whole time you were just like, 'And then he said. Girl I couldn't believe it'." And then, he mimed a selfie.

G'wan Barack!



Ooops! Ariana Grande's Britney impression failed to impress the pop princess herself.

While speaking on KISS FM UK, the radio station played Britney a clip of Ari on Saturday Night Live.

You might remember Ariana hosted the comedy show back in March of this year, and did a sketch singing Britney’s Baby One More Time.

After Brit listening to the clip she said: “That’s funny. That’s really funny, wow.

“She’s good. She’s very good. I love her voice… her real voice.”

But clearly unimpressed, she then said: “I've heard better.”

Shade! We'd say Britney is sick of people impersonating her now, though!



Introducing Jade Novah, a seriously talented American singer and actress who stars in musicals and performs solo.

But her biggest talent of all? Impersonating Beyoncé! 

She shared a seriously accurate video on Twitter of what it would be like if Beyoncé was starring in television commercials. 

Here's an interview with Queen Bey just to remind you of what she sounds like…

Now here's Jade's impression.. SHE SOUNDS THE EXACT SAME!!