Such a typical DAD! Obama’s impression of his daughters is gas


Obama has possibly been the coolest president ever.

From his sense of humour to his extraordinary wife and intelligent daughters, he was certainly a president of the people.

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And one of the things we liked about him the most of his goofy dad moments.

During a trip to Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in Washington this week, Barack delighted us all by giving as the epitome dad moment.

He did an impression of Sasha and Malia on their phones.

The minute he walked into the room he said: "It is so nice to see you guys. I know you may have been waiting here a while.

"Good thing you all had your phones with you. As the father of two teenage daughters, I know the whole time you were just like, 'And then he said. Girl I couldn't believe it'." And then, he mimed a selfie.

G'wan Barack!