Eight glaring signs you’re suffering from the Sunday Fear!


Blinding hangover? Check. Hazy memories of the night before? Check. Vague feeling that your entire life is a mess? Check. Yup, you can just go right ahead and diagnose yourself with the Sunday Fear.

This phenomenon, which during the week might seem laughable, is a very real struggle come Sunday evening.

Here are a few tell tale signs that you have a heavy dose of the Fear…

1. You want all the food, whatever it is
A Spar chicken fillet roll, Coca Cola, chocolate, Doritos – just buy them all. You’ll need them.

2. After eating said food, you feel horribly guilty
What happened to “my body is a temple?” Not only do you feel very, very bloated, you can feel the ENTIRE world looking at you like this:

3. You can’t bring yourself to check your Sent Messages
Please say I didn’t text him. Please, Lord. It’s actually not even worth looking – the stress would probably kill you.

4. You have a very sharp sense that everything is wrong
Am I always so aware of the feeling of the hair on my head? Do these jeans always feel so weird? Is the world always so BRIGHT?

5. You're really restless
Jittery legs, muscle aches, the works. You think you want to lie on the couch, but when you do it’s horrifically uncomfortable. Maybe lying on the floor would just be a better option.

6. You just want to be held… but also for no-one to touch you
The Fear creates a confusing mix of neediness and crankiness. Yes, you’d like a cuddle, but you can’t bear having someone else’s skin against your own right now. If someone could provide comfort from afar, that would be great, thanks.

7. The thought of work tomorrow has you considering entering Witness Protection
Oh god, there are going to be so many emails. And spreadsheets. Goodbye, cruel world.

8. All you can face is re-runs of Project Runway and lots of tea
The only cure for the Sunday Fear is some serious TLC. Get on Netflix immediately, line up some crappy TV shows and put the kettle on. Things won’t seem so bad when you emerge in a few hours!