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Congratulations are in order for the Grey’s Anatomy actress, Camilla Luddington and her husband, Matthew Alan, as they welcome their baby boy into the world, giving him the sweetest name.

Camilla posted to her Instagram account, a photo of herself looking over-joyed, cuddled up with her new son in her hospital bed, shortly after giving birth. “After what felt like a year long third trimester… it finally happened!! Matt and I are SOOO happy to announce the birth of our sweet baby BOY Lucas, otherwise known as my little lion (shoutout to the Leo’s!),” the caption read.

Camilla and Matthew are now a family of four, giving their three-year-old daughter Hayden, an adorable little brother. 


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Camilla spoke to People about what it was like to be pregnant during a pandemic, saying, “Our family has been isolating since March [amid the coronavirus pandemic], which has come with its own challenges, but the upside is that it gave us a lot of time to be able to prepare,” she says. “Once I hit 37 weeks, I was willing him to come. Our bubble feels complete now that he's here.”

The 36-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star revealed her second pregnancy in early March this year, in a most unusual but fun way. Camilla posted a photo of herself with the one and only Cinderella at Disneyland. Her announcement went like this;

“Me: I’m just gonna do a super casual pregnancy announcement. Also me: I NEED PRINCESSES!!!!!!”, she wrote.


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Camilla also hinted that she is going back to filming the upcoming season of Grey’s Anatomy very soon, by posting a photo of her long, dark brown hair-do, which her character, Jo Wilson wears on the show. “Back to long dark hair?? Can only mean one thing…”, she wrote, followed by a female doctor emoji and a clapperboard emoji.

The new season of Grey’s Anatomy is reportedly going to cover the coronavirus pandemic, starting one to two months into it.


Grey’s Anatomy hasn’t been the same since Patrick Dempsey’s departure in 2015. Bidding farewell to McDreamy was one of the show’s most heartbreaking storylines but just because Derek isn’t around anymore doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of the Shepherd family.

Amelia Shepherd quickly became a fan favourite when actress Catherine Scorsone joined the show as a main cast member in season 11.

She quickly took over her brother’s department and made a name for herself as quite the kick-ass neurosurgeon.

However, Amelia isn’t the only gifted sister in the Shepherd family. We are set to meet another one of Derek’s sisters in the coming episodes.

Actress Amy Acker has been cast as McDreamy’s sister Kathleen. Just like her siblings, Kathleen is a gifted doctor, specialising in psychiatry.

It is understood that Amy Acker will make her Grey’s Anatomy debut in an episode that focuses on Amelia.

Fans know very little about Derek’s sister Kathleen other than the fact that she is married with children.

Speaking to TV Line about the episode where we will meet Amelia’s sister, actress Catherine Scorsone said: “It's definitely a little standalone. It's almost like a little movie on its own."

There’s no doubt the episode will be full of drama considering everything Amelia has been going through in the latest series.

The doctor has had to deal with Owen having a baby with Teddy, Betty/Brittany’s addiction and the risk of Leo being taken away from her and Owen.

We cannot wait for Amy Acker to join the show. The Gifted actress will be the most incredible addition to the show.


The worst thing about Grey’s Anatomy is the never-ending goodbyes we have to say to our favourite characters. We’ve bid farewell to many of our favourite doctors over the years, from McDreamy to Lexie and it looks like we’re set for another major goodbye this season.

Season 15 of the medical drama series has certainly been jam-packed with drama, from Teddy’s surprise pregnancy to Meredith’s complicated love life.


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However, one of the most heartbreaking storylines so far has been Catherine Fox’s cancer diagnosis. The powerhouse surgeon has been diagnosed with quite the rare tumour and fans are worried about the doctor’s fate.

The latest trailer for this week’s episode features the major surgery to remove Catherine’s tumour but things don’t go according to plan despite Amelia and Koracick’s thorough preparations for the surgery.


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We must admit our hearts stopped when we heard the words: “If we keep going, we cost Catherine her life.”

The clip sees the duo panic as an unexpected complication arises during Catherine’s surgery. This is then followed by a clip of Catherine’s son, Jackson sobbing in the corridor of the hospital.

The last major death on Grey’s Anatomy was Derek Shepherd and we’re still recovering from that loss if we’re honest.

Plus, we have already waved goodbye to two of the show’s most kickass female doctors last season. When Arizona and April were cruelly axed from the show. Surely Grey Sloan can’t lose another empowering female character?

It looks like we’re going to have to sit tight and wait and see what happens to Catherine in the upcoming episode The Winner Takes It All.