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Tommy Hilfiger’s new Icons collections is seriously stunning.

Falling back on its iconic colours of navy, red, and white, the brand has created a new line that is classic Tommy with an autumn twist.

Icons features a range of gorgeous coats and Christmasy jumpers.

How fab is this gold, puffy jacket?!

The latest trend for the new season is all about symmetry. Tommy’s collared crop-tops and knitted pullovers feature stripes in various thicknesses, creating the perfect balance of pattern.

Even this pair of denim jeans have a striking white line down each side rendering them perfect for dressing up any solid-coloured ensemble.

We love these smooth, black combat boots accented with the brand’s colourful combination.

And the red laces on these hiking boots transform them into a must-have.

This season is all about oversized, fleece pieces with a unique accent, which is why this baby blue jumper with a warm collar is the perfect back-to-college piece.

If you are looking for a practical, winter coat, this tan topcoat will keep you warm and stylish simultaneously. It was the talk of the collection and we can see why.

The tie around sash accentuates your waist in the best way and it’s the perfect shade of beige to match every outfit.

Make sure to stop by the Tommy Hilfiger store on Grafton Street to check it out and pick out one of your favourite pieces to take home.



A young woman has taken to Facebook to pay tribute to the passerby who intervened after she was assaulted on Grafton Street on Monday morning.

Becky Ni Uuinseann took to social media to outline the details of the incident which occurred at approximately 8am.

"To the guy who helped me this morning …. thank you! I never asked your name or even for your details to say thank you and I'm putting it down to shock, but maybe this might reach you somehow," she began her post.

"This morning between 7:50 and 8:05 I was attacked on Grafton street. Some guy in his 40s grabbed me and was screaming in my face while throwing digs," Becky told her followers.

While she attempted to defend herself, Becky confirmed that the passerby who intervened bore the brunt of the man's assault.

"I managed to block him but couldn't get away and only 1 person got involved and helped me get free. I'm positive he took the brunt of it once he got involved."

"Once free he walked me most of the way to work before heading on his way," Becky continued.

"If you're going through town please be careful. The guy was big and definitely was not speaking English. Please be careful and maybe take 1 ear phone out! This was broad daylight while everyone was on their way to work!"

Speaking to The Independent, Becky confirmed that she has reported the incident to the Gardaí, saying: "They couldn't have been more helpful."

"They told me that not enough people report these things. No matter how small you may think the incident is you really should report it because usually these people are known to the guards."



Following a number of terrorist attacks across Europe over the course of the last 18 months, authorities are considering the introduction of retractable bollards in Dublin's shopping districts.

According to The Independent, Dublin City Council and the Gardaí have convened to discuss measures to counteract potential terrorist attacks in the Irish capital.

It is understood that risk assessments are being conducted around the city in order to identify areas to vulnerable to potential targeting.

Grafton Street and Henry Street are among the areas likely to see the introduction of the bollards.

"Meetings have taken place between Dublin City Council and An Garda Siochana on the issue of retractable bollards and a risk analysis of areas in the city centre is being undertaken," confirmed a spokesperson.

The plan follows the death of hundreds of individuals in attacks across Nice, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and London among others.



So, as we all know, Justin Bieber is currently on the Irish leg of his Purpose World Tour.

And while you might assume he'd spend the weekend holed up in his hotel preparing his vocal chords, he was in actual fact topping up his tan in a Grafton Street salon.

After spotting the Canadian star, one Dublin fan decided to ask for a quick photograph… and let's just say it didn't go to plan.

Ignored by the Love Yourself singer on the busy Dublin street, Keith Casey was told repeatedly by the Bieb's bodyguard to give it up, and it sounds like a lot of the general public is with Biebs on this one.

After suggesting that he should have taken no for an answer the first time around, Keith responded to criticism on Instagram.

"For all the negative comments, I was not following Justin Bieber around Dublin! I actually have a life," he began.


#JustinBieber #PurposeWorldTour #Dublin #Ireland

A photo posted by Keith Casey (@i_am_keith_casey) on

"I had finished work and decided to do a sunbed, on my way down the stairs a big black dude (bodyguard) passed me and two seconds later Justin Bieber," Keith explained.

"Once it sank in as to who I just brushed shoulders with I stood outside waiting to ask him for a photo. I was the ony one who knew he was in there and on Grafton St!"

While Keith commended the star's security, he wasn't as complimentary when it came to Biebs himself.

"Justin got aggressive as you can see in my video. No need for it," Keith wrote. "My sister camped outside Ticketmaster for 24 hours to get a ticket to his show and this is is his attitude."

Well Justin, you've only gone and done it now.



We'd be lying if we said we paid attention to each and every busker who uses Grafton Street as a stage, but there are some who can legitimately stop us in our tracks.

And the latest street performer to do so is Allie Sherlock – a young girl whose talent and repertoire brought shoppers to a standstill over the weekend.

Accompanied by an acoustic guitar, Allie gave a haunting rendition of Adele's Send My Love to Your Lover, and soon found herself surrounded by an audience who wasted no time whipping out their phones and filming the stunning performance.

Members of the public, who were lucky enough to hear Allie in person, have shared the wealth online, and uploaded footage to both Twitter and YouTube.

Ladies, prepare yourselves for some serious goosebumps.




Got any plans for November 15th? You do now.

We were already INSANELY excited by the news that Dublin was getting its own Rockefeller-style tree this year at the Custom House Quarter, and now plans to Christmas-ify the rest of the city have been revealed.

The Grafton St Christmas lights will be switched on next month during an official ceremony on Sunday November 15. 

Free family entertainment will kick off at 4pm, with an unannounced "special guest" showing up to turn on the lights once the sun sets.

Henry St's bauble light wreaths will be lighting up the city from a few days earlier, as they'll be switched on from Thursday November 12. Again there'll be free entertainment from 5pm, with a special guest in attendance to flick the switch.

In the spirit of all things Christmassy, DublinTown.ie have put together a pretty cool infographic with some facts about the famous lights.

For example, did you know it takes 20 people a full FOUR weeks to hang the lights?


There are 47,350 individual bulbs on Grafton St alone – we'd hate to be tasked with untangling those…


The lights will be on for a total of 1,000 hours between November and January.


Each light curtain you see contains 50,000 bulbs – there are three throughout the city.


And around 25m people are expected to walk under the lights this year.