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Emma Louise Connolly is well know for her signature style and commitment to spreading positivity on her social media channels. 

Boasting over 300k Instagram followers, the model and YouTuber is turning her sartorially savvy hands to a brand new venture – the creation of her own upcoming fashion brand. 

Despite working extensively on her home renovations with fiancee Oliver Proudlock, ELC is taking the time to create another project. 


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Speaking exclusively to SHEmazing about the possibility of launching her own brand, Emma Louise said: 'It's in the pipeline!'

'I've thought about doing it for probably about 7 or 8 years, and I fee like I'm now at the point where I've almost got the vision together.'

'I think because there's so much inspiration, so many choices, so many things that you can go down, and for me comfort is a very big thing so I wanted it to reflect my personality, I wanted it to be something that everybody can wear, that everyone can style themself.'


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'It's going to be a unisex brand, Oli (Proudlock) and I are going to come together on it and we're going to work together as a couple and as two designers, creating something cool.'

Touching on how she originally became interested in fashion, Emma Louise detailed that she has been into fashion her whole life.

'I don't really remember how I got into it, I just think it's something that is always around you. I just loved it, I studied design and manufacturing at college and then I went on to uni, I was a buyer in a boutique for a while, it was just always around me and I was sort of a magnet to it.'

'As a model you're exposed to fashion quite a lot, and it grew from there to be honest. Being creative with people, it's so cool when creative minds come together.'


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The model, who was in Dublin for her very first time to attend the launch of Magnum's new White Chocolate & Cookies creation, also explained how she manages to be so positive when it comes to social media and maintaining a positive outlook on life.

'I think sometimes its very easy to lose sight of more important things, because we're constantly on social media which is not real life – you then have this expectation of something which limits what you can achieve or your own happiness because you're never as good as someone you see online, and trust me, the online stuff is bullsh*t.'

'You choose your destiny. Don't overthink it, don't try and be something you're not because there is no longevity in that and the bubble pops.'

So when will Emma be launching her brand? No word yet – but we're certain it will be as huge a success as all of her other ventures. 



Fashion brand Gucci has been forced to apologise after releasing a balaclava-style jumper which resembles 'blackface', according to the Evening Standard.

The black piece of attire was being sold as part of their Fall/Winter 2018 campaign, and covers the lower half of the face and red mouth cut-out.

The jumper has now been removed from sale, and the brand has issued an apology after facing massive social media backlash for the offensive material.

Their statement was released by a spokesman for the luxury fashion house, saying that they consider diversity a 'fundamental value' of their company and that the incident would be adapted into a 'powerful learning movement';

"Gucci deeply apologises for the offence caused by the wool balaclava jumper. We can confirm that the item has been immediately removed from our online store and all physical stores."

“We consider diversity to be a fundamental value to be fully upheld, respected, and at the forefront of every decision we make. We are fully committed to increasing diversity throughout our organisation and turning this incident into a powerful learning moment for the Gucci team and beyond," it concluded.

The description for Gucci's item originally read; 

“Inspired by vintage ski masks, multi-coloured knitted balaclavas walked the runway, adding a mysterious feel to this collection. This knit top combines the accessory with the ready-to-wear collection.”

Social media users managed to get screenshots of the $890 jumper before it was pulled, ironically noting that it was Black History Month.

One Twitter user wrote; “Haute Couture Blackface for the millennials?”

Gucci's problems with fashion mishaps is the latest incident in a number of racially-charged mistakes by designer fashion brands. 

Prada removed items last month over products which were also concerning for the public.

Feature image: India Today



Jodie Marsh has been given an apology by online fashion label ASOS after they called her a ‘man’.

The original tweet showed a snap of Jodie competing in a bodybuilding competition in response to a male customer who messaged saying, “Would you mind employing a model who’s built like a man or anyone who actually lifts can buy clothes that fit from you?”

ASOS replied with the picture and said, “This do?”

Taking to her social networking account, the Celebrity Big Brother star fumed, “So @ASOS are saying I look like a man. I am utterly horrified at this comment. Totally unacceptable from such a large company. BULLIES!”

“Check my last RT to see what bullies @ASOS are! Talk about being slapped in the face. This is disgusting and I am horrified. I’m gobsmacked,” she said.

The bosses at ASOS have apologised to Jodie and said their comment was a “genuine mistake”.

“The picture of Jodie Marsh was posted today was a genuine mistake and we’re deeply sorry. We’ve apologised personally to Jodie and made a plan with her to make this right,” they said.

“It is never our intention to hurt, embarrass or upset anyone and promoting positive body-image is something that’s very important to us. Again, we would like to apologise to Jodie and anyone else who was offended by this tweet and we’ll do our best to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again,” they added.

We’d be saying sorry too if we were them! Have you seen her muscles?!