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Let's be honest, Euros 2016 was an absolute feels-fest.

From the Irish fans consistently doing the Republic proud abroad to the our new national treasure, Robbie Brady, sending the country into a tailspin multiple times over the course of the tournament, Euros 2016 was one seriously epic adventure.

Unfortunately, it came to an end for our boys in green on Sunday after they lost out to France in a match which gripped the nation last weekend.

But it's not all doom and gloom for our national heroes as a video which Shane Long's wife, Kayleigh, uploaded to Instagram clearly proves this morning.

After filming and sharing the moment Shane was reunited with his two daughters. six-year-old Teigan and two-year-old Erin, Kayleigh wrote: "The moment the girls got reunited with their daddy last night after we had just landed also! They had no idea!"

The video which has clocked up a whopping 13,000 views since its upload last night has been inundated with comments and well wishes to the Irish player and his family.

"Adorable, your girls are too cute!" wrote one of Kayleigh's followers. "Well done to Shane and the rest of the team did Ireland so proud."

Shane took to Twitter to share the same video, writing: "What a welcome home! Its been an amazing 5 weeks, but missed these little beauties!"

Ladies, we're struggling here!



Roars of delight and shrieks of disbelief echoed up and down the country last night as Robbie Brady led the Republic of Ireland into the last 16 of Euro 2016.

With just six minutes left on the clock at Stade Pierre Mauroy in Lille, the Dublin-native put Ireland ahead of opponents Italy before our boys in green ultimately walked away with a one-nil victory.

While the latest edits to his Wikipedia page laud the 24-year-old as ‘an absolute beauty’ and ‘a God who walks among us’, just who is the man who sent our entire country into a tailspin with a header last night? 

As any football fanatic will know, Robbie’s prowess on the pitch was recognised long before Stade Pierre Mauro erupted last night.

From a family of football enthusiasts in Baldoyle – both Robbie's younger and older brothers have played internationally at U-17 and U-18 level – Robbie was first spotted as a teen by a Manchester United scout while playing for St. Kevin's Boys.

Having joined the premiere league team in 2011 before being transferred on loan to Hull City, Robbie now plays for Norwich City after signing a £10 million deal in 2015, but made his U21 debut for the Republic of Ireland in 2010 before being called into the senior team two years later.

And, as we know, behind every great man stands one pretty incredible woman. 

Long-term girlfriend and mum to his two-year-old daughter Halle, Kerrie Harris, runs Soul2Soul, a very successful dance school in Swords, and could be seen tearfully embracing the overjoyed footballer from the stands in Stade Pierre Mauroy last night.

Commenting on the goal which will go down in Irish sporting history, Robbie said: "I dunno. My body started to carry my legs into the box. Just trust in Wes to put it where it hurts and I've managed to get my head on it."

"I'm lost for words really, I'm over the moon, emotional. It's unbelievable," he said as he listened to the sounds of jubilant Irish fans celebrating the team's victory.

"Just have a look around and have a listen to what it means to everyone that's involved, me included," he added.

Ladies? Roll on Sunday!




The excitement for tomorrow's match against Italy is building, and so is the spirits of the Irish fans abroad in France.

The Balls.ie Euro 2016 Group on Facebook is full of match-goers asking important questions – like where is the nearest session and if there's any toilet roll about.

From fans playing football with local kids to loosing a tooth and a bank card, these posts are definitely what make us uniquely Irish:

Sure, where would you get us from at all, at all.



We LOST. 🙁

In the UEFA Euros 2016, Ireland played against Belgium, with kick off starting at 2pm.

The first half of the match was super frustrating for Ireland, with no score by the end of it.

At the start of the second half Belgium scored in two minutes of throw in, and then proceeded to score an additional two goals after that.

The score was Belgium 3 – 0 Ireland at full-time.

We're all really disappointed, but are eager to see the come out of our next match against Italy.



Niall Horan is taking a break from his work today to go out and support the boys in green.

The Mullingar man is feeling very patriotic donning an Ireland Jersey and I'm sure like the rest of us, he's eager to see how today's match ends.

The team are playing against Belgium, and at the moment neither teams have scored.

The One Direction star took to Instagram to show off his new Ireland jersey.

He captioned the pic: “Here we go. Cmon Ireland.

“Off to the pub to watch the boys in green. Wearing it with serious amounts of pride today.”




We absolutely love the Irish fans over in France at the moment.

They're just going about their days singing, dancing, and catching up with ex-Boyzone singers.

Yep, in the latest video of the Irish at the Euros 2016, Keith Duffy is in the middle of a huge group of fans and he's having the time of his life.

Spotted on Joe.ie, he starts singing No Matter What, and it's like no version you've ever heard before.

We love it. Gwan' the Irish!



Shane Long is currently in France getting ready for Ireland's next match on Saturday, but that doesn't mean he has no time to wish his wife a happy anniversary.

Despite being miles away from each other, Shane took to Twitter to share a few pictures from their special day.

He captioned the post: "3 years today since she said yes! Happy 3rd anniversary beaut! I've loved every minute."

Shane's wife, Kayleah, also took to social media to wish her hubby a happy day.

Taking to Instagram, she posted another photo of their wedding day and said: "3 year ago I married my best friend. Some would call me lucky, I would say I'm blessed and he's lucky. Shame we are not together today but I'm so proud of what he is doing, it's more than worth it!"

But, Shane's loving message on Twitter wasn't her only surprise:


Wow I must be doing something right 36 roses for each month and one rose for the girls each too some man we have

A photo posted by Kayleah Long (@kayleah_long) on

Kayleah also posted a snap of Shane's gift to her – 36 roses, for every month they've been together and also a rose each for their two girls.

Aw, isn't that sweet?!



This is possibly one of the best fan videos to come from the Euros 2016 so far.

Instead of fighting with the team playing against us, or having a bar brawl, our fans over in France decided to take part in a huge rendition of Dancing Queen, and we totally nailed it.

In the video, a Swedish fan is seen holding up speakers, while the ABBA song pours out through them, and always the ABBA fan, a whole group of Irish joined in.

See, you can't bring us anywhere:



We're happy enough with our draw last night against Sweden, but something that's even better than that is the Irish flags sporting the streets of France at the moment.

Now, these flags aren't your usual green, white and orange, and they don't only sport the word, "Ireland" across them. No, these flags are so much better.

From taking the mick out of the team, to numerous amounts of Father Ted quotes, these are the best Irish flags from the 2016 Euros:

1. Every Irish person away on their holliers…


2. Well, that's one way to do it!


3. Obligatory Father Ted flag


4. ALL of us last night


5. Eamon <3


6. Shout out to Shane Long


7. This one was actually stolen during the match 🙁


8. The best thing, apparently…


9. For the year that's in it


10. He'll always have us covered