These are BEST and most hilarious Irish flags seen at the Euros 2016


We're happy enough with our draw last night against Sweden, but something that's even better than that is the Irish flags sporting the streets of France at the moment.

Now, these flags aren't your usual green, white and orange, and they don't only sport the word, "Ireland" across them. No, these flags are so much better.

From taking the mick out of the team, to numerous amounts of Father Ted quotes, these are the best Irish flags from the 2016 Euros:

1. Every Irish person away on their holliers…


2. Well, that's one way to do it!


3. Obligatory Father Ted flag


4. ALL of us last night


5. Eamon <3


6. Shout out to Shane Long


7. This one was actually stolen during the match 🙁


8. The best thing, apparently…


9. For the year that's in it


10. He'll always have us covered