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UFC fans have been waiting a long time for this, and now that it's only hours away, Conor McGregor's followers have flocked to New York.

The Irishman will take on Eddie Alvarez in Madison Square Garden tonight, with the people of Twitter coining it to be the battle of the year.

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And the Irish couldn't be having more of a great time over there.

As you'll see in the videos below, we sure are keeping the spirit alive in the Big Apple, and we wouldn't expect anything less:

Warning: bad language throughout

Will you be tuning in at 5am?



The excitement for tomorrow's match against Italy is building, and so is the spirits of the Irish fans abroad in France.

The Balls.ie Euro 2016 Group on Facebook is full of match-goers asking important questions – like where is the nearest session and if there's any toilet roll about.

From fans playing football with local kids to loosing a tooth and a bank card, these posts are definitely what make us uniquely Irish:

Sure, where would you get us from at all, at all.



We absolutely love the Irish fans over in France at the moment.

They're just going about their days singing, dancing, and catching up with ex-Boyzone singers.

Yep, in the latest video of the Irish at the Euros 2016, Keith Duffy is in the middle of a huge group of fans and he's having the time of his life.

Spotted on Joe.ie, he starts singing No Matter What, and it's like no version you've ever heard before.

We love it. Gwan' the Irish!



This is possibly one of the best fan videos to come from the Euros 2016 so far.

Instead of fighting with the team playing against us, or having a bar brawl, our fans over in France decided to take part in a huge rendition of Dancing Queen, and we totally nailed it.

In the video, a Swedish fan is seen holding up speakers, while the ABBA song pours out through them, and always the ABBA fan, a whole group of Irish joined in.

See, you can't bring us anywhere: