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You know those times when you're so hungover you just wish that a big cheesy pizza would magically drop onto your kitchen table and you'd be saved?

Yeah, we all have those dreams from time to time but now, it seems that it actually could happen.

Domino's, being a pizza wonder that it is, has tested out a delivery drone in New Zealand – and it turned out quite well.

Called Flirtey, the drone successfully completed one autonomous flight delivery yesterday which means it's now one step closer to being brought into the mainstream. 

It has brilliant packaging techniques that makes sure your pizza stays nice and toasty throughout the the whole delivery process.

It's also driven electrically unmanned and has several built-in safety features, like 'low battery return to safe location' and 'auto-return home' features in case of loss of GPS signal or communication.

"Domino's customers can expect the freshest and fastest pizza delivery service at the same quality they have come to expect from us thanks to Flirtey's industry-leading technology," said Domino's CEO Don Meij.

We're liking the sound of this.


We love Solange Knowles here in Shemazing! HQ because she's sassy and confident and cool AF.

That's why we thought it was so hilarious when she called out a courier company on Twitter for being late delivering her WEAVE.

Now, we all know the stress of waiting for a package to be delivered, but to make matters worse, Solange also had to catch a flight:

Even though her order was only a half an hour late, the trend setter wasn't backing down:

Ah, Solange, we hope they were delivered to you soon after you sent those tweets!


Do you ever lie in bed on Sunday with a banging hangover and just WISH McDonald's could roll up to your window so you wouldn't have to move? Yep, us too. 

The fast food chain rolled out a new app over a year ago, but until now all you were able to do was check for the nearest restaurant and look up the menu – not very exciting.

But according to TheStreet, Big Mac fans will soon be able to order from an updated app as well as use a loyalty awards programme.

"We will be piloting ordering capabilities through mobile in some geographies outside the United States this year," said McDonald's chief digital officer Atif Rafiq. 

However, he declined to specify which locations would be included in the trail run but we're guessing it'll be a few European cities (like us!).

There's also no word on whether the app orders will be available for delivery or just in-store pick-up but we're PRAYING it'll deliver. 


This 911 call will raise the hairs on the back of your neck – and you can’t even hear it.

A victim of domestic abuse raised an alarm at her house by ordering pizza – but she had actually dialled 911.

At first, the operator, Keith Weisinger, is somewhat confused by the woman’s call, but soon come to realise her covert operation.

He later told the story on Reddit, in his own words.

Here is how the call went:

“911, where is your emergency?”
“123 Main Street”
“Okay, what’s going on there?”
“I’d like to order a pizza for delivery” (Oh great, another prank call)
“Ma’am, you’ve reached 911”
“Yeah, I know. Can I have a large with half pepperoni, half mushroom and peppers?”
“Ummm…I’m sorry, you know you’ve called 911, right?”
“Yeah, do you know how long it will be?”
“Ok, Ma’am is everything ok over there? Do you have an emergency?”
“Yes, I do”
“And you can’t talk about it because there’s someone in the room with you?” (moment of realisation)
“Yes, that’s correct. Do you know how long it will be?”
“I have an officer about a mile from your location. Are there any weapons in your house?”
“Can you stay on the phone with me?”
“Nope. See you soon, thanks.”

Weisinger then checked the address given and discovered multiple domestic disputes reported from there.

Police officers at the location found the woman beaten up with her drunk boyfriend in the house and Weisinger says he’ll never forget the clever rouse she used to raise the alarm of her abuse.