Overjoyed X Factor star gets engaged in Egypt!


Former X Factor contestant Chris Maloney just got engaged to boyfriend Gary Doran in Egypt and celebrated their new status with close friend and former Eastenders star Daniella Westbrook.

Looking overjoyed, the happy trio perched on camels and appeared to enjoy every moment of their special trip away.

Grateful for the support and congratulations he received following the news,  the singer wasted no time taking to Twitter and posting a message explaining just how happy he is.

45-year-old Chris wrote: "Thank you SO MUCH for ALL your kind words on mine and Gary Doran's engagement in Egypt and thanks to @westbrrokdanni for coming over for celebration."

Unfortunately the happy occasion didn't go without a hitch as it appears the news was leaked before Chris's fiance could share it with his family, but determined not to let that get in the way of celebrations, an upbeat Chris wrote: "Oh well! It is what it is! Very HAPPY!"

Massive congrats you guys!