Snapchat’s new feature is CRAZY… but Kylie’s already on board

Filters, geo-tagging, replaying… Snapchat has added some great features over the last year or two, but this latest update is the most bizarre yet.

As well as being able to replay more than one snap a day (for a fee), selfie-lovers can now use a new feature called 'Lenses' to create some seriously mental special effects. 

Like these terrifying bulging eyeballs, for example.

Or rainbows and goggle-eyes.

Of course, Snapchat's most famous user Kylie Jenner was one of the first to test out the new facial filters, having some fun with them on the way back from her NYFW Galore magazine party.

If anyone can pull off rainbow vomit, it's our Kylie.

Though Tyga is really rocking the heart-eyes…

And if you were wondering what the 25-year-old rapper might look like as an elderly man with a monocle, well now you know.

As well as the replay option and the terrifying filters, Snapchat has also added a 'Trophies' feature, which will see users of the app being rewarded virtual awards for certain 'achievements,' like taking ten selfies in a row using the front camera flash, for example.

We bet Kylie has racked up a few selfie trophies already.