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When it comes to falling in love, men and women got through a different journey. Even though we end up in the same place, the feelings a man goes through when falling love, aren’t always easy to understand.

This phase is all about physical attraction. You have something that appeals to him and he likes that.

He wants to know whether you like him before he begins the chase.

In this phase he will try to win you over and get your attention.

Now he wants to show you that he is a worthy mate and will do everything and anything to sweep you off your feet.

In this phase he worries about how to make you fall in love with him and needs to know if you love him.

Now he starts to observe you as a person to see if he actually likes you or not. Do I want to be with her? Will I be happy with her? Do I love her?

I love you
If the decision stage goes well, he gives into his feelings and opens up and allows himself to fall hopelessly in love with you.



Although each relationship is unique, the stages people go through when they are dating are generally the same.

Whether you’re new to the scene or just putting yourself out there again, you will most likely experience these five stages:

In the first stage, you find someone you are attracted to and hope the feeling is mutual.

In the second stage you begin to question whether the person is right for you or not. A lot of the time it is fear that causes uncertainty, so think wisely before you decide to call it quits.

In this stage, you have both decided to be in an exclusive relationship. But don’t get comfortable just yet. It’s important that you continue to do little things for one another.

In stage four, you both let your guard down and speak more openly to one another. Although you see the best in yourself and your partner, we also see and show the less appealing sides of our personalities.

In this stage, you know he is the right person for you and have decided to see past his flaws. You have an even greater acceptance of each other and your differences.



A tourist attraction celebrating Shrek will open in London in the summer of 2015.

The attraction will be called “Shrek’s Far Far Away Adventure” and will be a live interaction featuring all of the movie’s much-loved characters such as Princess Fiona, Puss in Boots, Donkey and lots more.

Merlin Entertainment will team up with DreamWorks Animation to design and build the attraction that will open just ahead of the movie’s 15th anniversary in 2016. We feel old now!

Shrek is the most successful animation of all time garnering $3.5 billion in the international box office.