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The trailer for season seven of Brooklyn Nine Nine has landed and it is hilarious. The trailer has been edited to look like an ‘80s cop show and we’re honestly obsessed.

Season seven sees former Captain Holt struggle to come to terms with his demotion. In the opening episode, Jake leads a manhunt after an attempted assasination on a city councilor. 


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SNL’s Vanessa Bayer joins the show as Holt’s new partner Debbie Fogel. Nicole Bilderback also joins the show as Holt’s replacement, Captain Kim. Captain Kim is eager to impress the squad so invites them over for dinner to try to break the ice.

Season seven of Brooklyn Nine Nine airs in the US in February. It is expected to air on Channel 4 in March 2020.


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Watch the full trailer below:


Huge congratulations are in order for Brooklyn Nine Nine actress Melissa Fumero who is expecting her second child.

The actress shared a snap of her growing baby bump to confirm the news and she looks absolutely gorgeous.

Melissa explained that her second pregnancy has not been as easy as her first.

She didn’t feel like sharing the news as she hasn’t been feeling her best.


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She wrote, “Oh yeah, I’m hella pregnant. To be honest, I haven’t felt like posting about it because this pregnancy has been way harder and… I don’t feel that cute?”

She added, “But yesterday I got a really intense massage, an awesome chiropractic adjustment, and my hair feels thicker… so I feel a little bit cute today. #herewegoagain #babyboynumerodos.”

The actress, who plays Amy Santiago on Brooklyn Nine Nine, celebrated even more good news last week when the show was renewed for an eight season.


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“Still processing this day… we read the season 7 finale which was SO. GOOD. SO. FUNNY. Can’t wait for y’all to see it. Then we were told we’re getting a Season 8!” the mum wrote.

Melissa continued, “This whole journey has been so incredible. It’s changed my life in so many ways, and brought some amazing people into my life and I love them all dearly. Thank you @nbc for bringing us back to life and all the support you have shown us and most of all thank you to our AWESOME FANS! We would not be here without you!”


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Melissa is already a mum to a three-year-old son Enzo.


"You're not Cheddar…You're just some common b*tch"- Captain Raymond Holt.

We're absolutely devastated to hear about the death of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's most notorious Corgie, Cheddar.

The announcement of Stewart's passing, the adorable doggo who played the role, was made on Instagram by his real life owners.


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At least the beloved pet had an idyllic final day, after being brought to the beach to "frolic in the surf" and treated to an In & Out Burger for his last meal.

The hound was then peacefully put to sleep, and is survived by his talented sister Corgi Stella, who has since taken over the hilarious TV role in his place.

Cheddar had a fairly dominant role in the television comedy series, with entire episodes dedicated to his adventures airing. Remember when Jake and Amy lost him? 

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He also played a vital role in the Halloween heist episodes, aiding Holt in his mission to secure the prize on multiple occasions.

Raymond Holt adored Cheddar with all his heart, and as a result, we fell in love with the hilarious doggie. Cheddar (and Stewart) became a key asset in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine family.

Let's all watch the memorial reel dedicated to his wanderings and greatest scenes, and grab the tissues before we turn into puddles of tears:

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Thank the Netflix Gods, AT LAST we have a UK release date for season five of the hit comedy cop show.

Set a countdown gals, because B99 officially hits streaming screens on MARCH EIGHTH. Cool cool cool, no doubt, no doubt.

In a rogue move, Netflix actually allowed a superfan named Darcy to announce the news via Twitter, having asked the streaming service basically every day for months for an update.

Netflix commented; “Darcy has been asking when b99 s5 is coming basically every day for the last few months, so we decided to let her give you the good news…” Utter gents.

Her excited tweet reads; 

“Clear your schedule because Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5 is coming to @NetflixUK on March 8th! very noice!” Very noice indeed. Some would say… toit *winks*

We absolutely CANNOT WAIT to see more Jake Peralta and co. on our screens, the hilarious show is airing season six tonight on NBC, so we're guaranteed more episodes.

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The show is making a miraculous comeback after original broadcaster and now arch-nemesis Fox cancelled it earlier this year, citing a lack of schedule availability.

This was a pretty accurate depiction of our reaction to the news;

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However, the network failed to account for how die-hard (geddit?) the fanbase are, with thousands of fans expressing online outrage and campaigning for its return.

Streaming services Netflix and Hulu were all considering renewing the show, but soon enough NBC took up the mantle and saved all of our lives. 

99 FOR LIFE. Terry loves release dates. And yoghurt, never forget the yoghurt.

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