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Thank the Netflix Gods, AT LAST we have a UK release date for season five of the hit comedy cop show.

Set a countdown gals, because B99 officially hits streaming screens on MARCH EIGHTH. Cool cool cool, no doubt, no doubt.

In a rogue move, Netflix actually allowed a superfan named Darcy to announce the news via Twitter, having asked the streaming service basically every day for months for an update.

Netflix commented; “Darcy has been asking when b99 s5 is coming basically every day for the last few months, so we decided to let her give you the good news…” Utter gents.

Her excited tweet reads; 

“Clear your schedule because Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5 is coming to @NetflixUK on March 8th! very noice!” Very noice indeed. Some would say… toit *winks*

We absolutely CANNOT WAIT to see more Jake Peralta and co. on our screens, the hilarious show is airing season six tonight on NBC, so we're guaranteed more episodes.

band someone GIF

The show is making a miraculous comeback after original broadcaster and now arch-nemesis Fox cancelled it earlier this year, citing a lack of schedule availability.

This was a pretty accurate depiction of our reaction to the news;

new york comedy GIF

However, the network failed to account for how die-hard (geddit?) the fanbase are, with thousands of fans expressing online outrage and campaigning for its return.

Streaming services Netflix and Hulu were all considering renewing the show, but soon enough NBC took up the mantle and saved all of our lives. 

99 FOR LIFE. Terry loves release dates. And yoghurt, never forget the yoghurt.

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Chloe Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham made their red carpet couple debut last night – and it was everything you would have imagined.

The sweethearts posed together at the LA premiere of Chloe's new movie Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising.

Wrapped around each other for most of the evening, Chloe sported a very risqué dress, but we have to say, she pulled it off with class.

The actress was all smiles as well as she told E!: "Now, it's out. It's done. It's real. We're together and that's it!"

Brooklyn dressed in a white shirt, with a black tie and blazer, dark washed jeans and suede shoes – and the pair looked perfect together!

We can't wait to see some more of this lovely couple!