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Is Tinder just not doing it for you these days? Do you worry you will never find a partner who loves Frozen as much as you do? 

Is your idea of the perfect date a stroll through Disneyland Paris?

Well, there is now a Disney dating site dedicated to matching up couples based on their Disney fandom. 

We have heard of niche dating sites, but this one may just take the biscuit. 

Yep, if you just knew your soul mate would have to be an aficionado on all things Mickey Mouse, then your prayers have just been answered. 

The new site launched two days ago and is adorably named Mouse Mingle. 

According to the brains behind the project, Dave Tavres, "Niche dating sites are more common these days."

"I found it hard to find women who were as interested in Disney as I am. All the normal [dating] sites don’t have Disney questions."

Well, we reckon Dave is about to hit the jackpot. 

Users who sign up to the site will be asked a number of questions about their Disney preferences from their favourite characters to their all time favourite Disney songs. 

These answers will then help users to find the Beauty to their Beast. 

Do you want to be part of this world? 



We’ve all tried our hand at many the dating site and app, but often it just becomes frustrating and annoying.

Now, a survey conducted by dating site, Just Ask Me Out, has discovered what is holding those prospective dates back – messaging!

Rather than going back and forth in messages with someone for days, even weeks with no mention of a date, Just Ask Me Out’s no messaging policy has proved a hit on the London dating scene. This no-messaging policy means that you and the person of your fancy or compatibility have no choice but to head out there and meet up, cutting out digital small talk and time that could be spent really getting to know one another in person. 

Founder of the site, Alex Rowley had this to say on the topic of messaging in the dating world: “Londoners have spoken and the results of our survey indicate that singles are sick and tired of dating sites that encourage endless back and forth messaging. Rather than spend days, weeks or even months on end wondering who is going to make the first move, Just Ask Me Out revolutionises the dating game and makes sure a face-to-face meet up is organised from the word go.”

The site has proved a huge hit as it cuts out the small talk and sometimes awkward digital flirting – and has even won Best Up & Coming Dating Site 2015 at the iDate Awards in the US recently.

So if you’re ready to ditch the online dating scene and really actually get out there on dates – this is the dating site for you! 



Our Irish men are getting a very hard time – first off, they’re not allowed onto dating site beautifulpeople.com because they’re deemed too ugly, and now, to add insult to, well, insult, they’re being urged to sign up to the sites new ‘adopt-an-ugly-person’ initiative!

The people who run the site wanted to offer some help to their ugly rejectees by getting good looking members to mentor them.

The scheme is open to anyone over 18 “who feels they could do with help to improve their looks”, and they’re expecting a lot of single Irish men to sign up, as they reckon these are the people most in need of some help in the looks department.

Seriously – leave our guys alone! Sure they’re grand as they are!