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Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague were the runners up of this years' Love Island series, but ex Islander Elma Pazar has given her opinion on why they didn't take the crown.

20-year-old boxer Tommy and 19-year-old influencer Molly were beaten to the £50,000 prize by Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea, and Elma explained that the runners up were dull to watch.

The 26-year-old eyelash technician said; "For me personally, Amber and Greg deserved to win. I'm really happy for Tommy and Molly that they came second, they were a solid couple all the way through."

Amber and Greg found each other after Michael Griffiths broke the 21-year-old Geordie girl's heart in shockingly douchebag fashion.


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Essex gal Elma added; "But in a sense, I think because they were just a guaranteed couple, they didn’t bring much drama after a while.

"It’s nice for them, obviously you don’t want to have drama when you’re in a relationship."

Elma left the villa single, but dispelled claims that viewers assumed that Molly-Mae was faking her love for Tommy through non-existent tears.

Speaking to Daily Star Online, she said: "I know Molly got a lot of stick about not being genuine and stuff but I do honestly think that Amber and Greg were the rightful winners, especially Amber."


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Molly recently hit out at co-star Belle Hassan after she accused Molly of being 'two faced' in the final week.

She said her comments were a "shame" insisting: "There were no tactics used at all. Absolutely none. People can say what they want."

Herself and boyfriend Tommy Fury voted to send Belle and Anton Danyluk home, leading to them being dumped from the show by the public before the final.


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21-year-old Belle said: "I think Molly has too many opinions sometimes. I really get on with Molly, but she can be a little bit two faced."

Tommy defended their join decision, and said: "We put Anton and Belle in the bottom three, but it was the public who voted Anton and Belle out. It wasn't us. It was the voters who did that."

Fair point. Belle saying the move was 'tactical' doesn't mean much, considering the entire show is a competition for a huge cash prize…

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We're thoroughly enjoying this series of Love Island, but now it's time for some seriously mathematical analysis. Namely, about the ridiculous amounts of cash they're set to earn when they emerge from the villa.

We all know that the ITV2 reality show has produced a well of influencers who sell sponsored content for an array of brands, but how much exactly would they earn per Instagram post? What if they don't even have Instagram? 

Apparently, influencers with 30,000-500,000 followers can pocket over 


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Influencers with 30,000 – 50,000 followers can anything up to €450 per post on Instagram according to a new study from digital marketing experts, while those with over 500,000 followers could be pocketing around €1,855.96.

Yeesh, that's serious dough. New data from Rise at Seven states that social media influencers are paid on average €0.0037 for every follower they have per post.

Considering the huge amount of sponsorship deals the Islanders attract once they're on the outside and how many followers they have (between 150,000 and three million currently), that's a huge amount of money.

Let's break it down by Islander to get some answers:


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Molly-Mae Hague, 3,161,221 followers – could earn €8,026.81 per post


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Tommy Fury, 1,827,963 followers – could earn €6,785.95  per post


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Amber Rose Gill, 1,389,963 followers – could earn €5,157.60 per post


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Maura Higgins, 1,137,580 followers – could earn €4,223.04 per post


A post shared by Curtis Pritchard (@curtispritchard12) on

Curtis Pritchard – 1,063,798 followers – could earn €3,948.72 per post


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Anna Vakili, 985,641 followers – could earn €3,658.61 per post


A post shared by Michael Griffiths (@mac_griffiths_) on

Michael Griffiths, 961,185 followers – could earn €3,568.49  per post


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Anton Danyluk, 854,976 followers – could earn €3,174.18 per post


A post shared by Ovie Soko (@oviesoko) on

Ovie Soko, 807,513 followers – could earn €2,997.97  per post


A post shared by Jordan Hames (@jxrdanhames) on

Jordan Hames, 420,228 followers – could earn €1,560.14 per post


A post shared by Belle Hassan (@bellehassan) on

Belle Hassan, 337,993 followers – could earn €1,254.84 per post


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India Reynolds, 328,477 followers – could earn €1,219.51 per post


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Greg O'Shea, 150,347 followers – could earn €558.18  per post

We're guessing by how unreal Greg is that his follower count is about to increase drastically this week. His manners, his Irish charm, his…abs. Him and Amber could go all the way and snatch the crown.

Chris Taylor, 149,000 followers- could earn €550 per post.


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In conclusion, reality TV stars earn a shocking amount of coin per post due to sponsorship deals, and their lives delve into brands and marketing pretty fast once they leave Love Island.

Somehow, we can't envision Greg as a solicitor and rugby player showing off #spon on his Instagram page, but we could be proved wrong.

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We're all aware that Love Island isn't exactly the most transparent show on television.

Many of the scenes are orchestrated by the producers, and a number of ex-Islanders have expressed the view that they were treated like "performing monkeys" (Malin Andersson's words, not mine).

The latest mistakes made on last night's show have fuelled claims of the series being a total fix, as audiences spotted the same shop assistant who received Anton's number behind the bar at the club later on;

It's a pretty hilarious error on the part of the producers; they didn't even TRY to hide the poor extra. The woman with never-ending jobs is now the subject of a million internet memes, unluckily for her.

The girl didn't even attempt to disguise herself, which makes it even more entertaining;

The club and shop scenes were massively false, but we lapped it up all the same. Amber Gill's account even referred to it as "illuminati confirmed".

The response online to the mistake was instantly gas, with the public calling for the woman to be paid more for working multiple (made-up) jobs.

Does she ever get a chance to catch her breath? To sleep? To have time to herself? It doesn't seem like it, it's slave labour up in ITV2 studios.

 Viewers are also calling the latest plot twist a total fix, after forcing the Islanders to choose between saving Joanna or Michael from the island

Everyone's fairly positive that Michael will be saved purely so he can get back together with ex-flame Amber, who confessed that she still has feelings for Michael last night.

It was all very dramatic, but we all know that Amber is far too good for CHALDISH Michael Griffiths. He doesn't deserve her, end of discussion.

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There are some absolutely hilarious characters in the Love Island this year, from Longford lass Maura's thick Midlands accent and outrageous personality and Tommy's philosophical musings based on musical lyrics, to Ovie just doing Ovie and Molly-Mae's posh persona.

But what if one woman could impersonate them all to comedic perfection for the good of the Irish nation?

Cork woman Hayley Ryan is doing everyone a massive favour by uploading video impressions of the cast, and we're cackling at them. They're beyond spot on:

The 21-year-old from Douglas uploaded her impersonations to Twitter four days ago and they've gone viral, racking up a combined 75,000 likes between Part One and Part Two.

We can't get over the accuracy of her Maura impression, especially the word 'Curtis', and her Lucie is too accurate. It's haunting. 

Hayley spoke to the Independent.ie about the phenomenal response she's been receiving, saying;

"I love the Love Island, I am hooked on it," she said. The whole lot of us sit down on the couch and watch it every night."

After sending her pals the videos of her impersonations, she was encouraged to upload them online and they took off.

The youngster would love to crack into the entertainment industry, potentially for a presenting job, but gave up acting for sport a few years ago.

Seeing as her impressions have caught fire online and nabbed the attention of names like MTV Challenge 33 star Zahida Allen and impressionist Al Foran, we reckon a few offers will be coming in for Hayley.

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We woke up today with the news that no less than FIVE Love Island contestants have left the villa in just a few days (Amy has left voluntarily alongside two couples).

Danny and Jourdan have exited the show last night, and tonight the showdown will air between George and Lucy, and Amy and Curtis.

Seeing as Amy has mysteriously taken her flight straight out of Majorca, we're assuming that Lucie and George have been dumped.

News has just broken that 23-year-old Francesca Allen and 28-year-old Chris Taylor are the two newbies to shake up the villa in replacement of the five dumped contestants:

Essex beauty Fran has got her eyes set on Anton, which could spell bad news for Belle. Chris is taken with Longford lass Maura Higgins, who is now single but has feelings for Curtis. The DRAH-MA continues…

Francesca Allen is a store manager who knows a fair amount of the TOWIE cast from her shop- Georgia Kousoulou, Chloe Ross, Chloe Lewis.

"My sister’s boyfriend is Sam Faiers’ boyfriend’s brother, so we know each other. Jack Fowler was my personal trainer for a while, he’s really nice."


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She reckons that her sense of humour perfectly matches Anton's, so watch out Belle;

"I do think it’s mainly Anton – I’ve liked him from the beginning. He seems like a really nice person. He seems like my kind of humour. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is good looking. I think we complement each other well."

She "didn't buy Amy and Curtis from the beginning" but is attracted to the ballroom dancer; "I love his snake hips."


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She doesn't hold back about his relationship with Amy; "They were a bit awkward. It was a funny relationship. I wasn’t surprised when they broke up."

Chris Taylor is a business development manager from Leicester, who's set his sights on hilarious Irish girl Maura.

“Maura, she is very interesting. She’s an absolute fireball and I’ve got that same side to me as well. She has loads of banter and seems very easy to get on with. It will be interesting to see if we clash or not.”


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His claim to fame is rather weak, but we'll take it; "My dad was engaged to Denise Welch when he was 19. They’re still good family friends. I’ve met her a few times, she’s lovely."

Chris is as confident as the rest of the boys in the villa, and is comfortably with his masculinity. He even admits to loving "girly things" like watching chick flicks;

"I am the full package I’d say. I’m not a bad looking guy. I would give myself a solid 7.2 out of 10. I can cook, I enjoy a bit of cleaning. I don’t really like football, and I don’t mind doing more girly things – I love a chick flick.

Image result for francesca love island
Image: ITV/REX

"In terms of being in a relationship with a girl, I’m the perfect islander to go in."

Damn son, we give you our blessing to go for Maura. Hit her with your best shot.

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Eagle-eyed Love Island fans have already figured out a theory about which Islanders will be dumped from the villa tonight.

After last night's episode, the public vote opened for viewers to save their favourite pairing and it's set to be a massive shake-up to the couples.

Many of the duos are no longer dating, such as Maura and Marvin, Lucy and George and now Amy and Curtis, so there'll presumably be a recoupling taking place soon.

The couple with the least amount of support are expected to be booted out of tonight's show, as Iain Stirling revealed.

Many viewers are now claiming that Danny and Jourdan will be dumped, seeing as they've essentially been "edited out" of the show over the last few days.

Danny was in last night's episode less than Craig David, Ovie's tropical hat and Ellie Belly. Most of Twitter forgot that either Danny and Jourdan were even on the show…

Danny has already earned the nickname 'travel agent' seeing as anyone he couples up with ends up on the first flight home (RIP Yewande, we didn't deserve you).

ITV bosses have since revealed that not one but two couples will now be axed on Monday night, with only three weeks to go before the grand final.

It's Anna's birthday bash tonight, and it's revealed to the Islanders that the public have voted for their favourites and three couples with the fewest votes are at risk from being dumped.

As Amber and Jordan are both single, they're exempt from the dumping spree. Thank the Lord, because Amber is our life energy right now and we just can't lose her.

The couple who receives the fewest votes from the public will be announced around the fire pit and Tommy will get a text saying some crazy words;

“One more couple will be dumped, the other couple will remain in the villa. The couple which stays and couple that is dumped will be decided by your fellow Islanders.”

It's pretty clear that the public HATE Michael for how he's treated Amber (hello, toxic masculinity) and Joanna as a result. Plus, all the pair of them talk about is Amber. Ya boring. 

Who do you think will be voted out? We predict Danny and Jourdan, and the Islanders will possibly ditch Curtis and Amy as a shock result. Curtis is a devious man so he's welcome to pack his bags anytime…

Basically we want Amber and Ovie to realise their undying love for each other and take their friendship to the next level.

She said last night that she wants a six foot man with tattoos who loves a savage b*tch, and who is more savage than our dearest Amber? NOBODY. 

Think about it, the rom-com of 2019's summer. Ovie takes out Michael, and Amber eventually wins the show with him and then nabs the £50,000 for being the best Islander.

Then she splits the money like in Mean Girls when the Prom crown was divided, sharing her winnings with Anna, Yewande and Maura for being the greatest Love Island legend the game has ever seen. Mark our words.

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Well this is a twist…Love Island's Elma Pazar has let slip that she's dating fellow ex-contestant Callum McLeod only a few days after she's left the villa.

The 26-year-old eyelash technician was booted off the show last Tuesday, while 28-year-old aircraft engineer Callum was first to leave the Spanish villa.

The pair weren't in the house at the same time, but arrived at talkRADIO together before Elma's appearance on Drivetime with Dan Wootton.

Image: Twitter/@Simplenewsuk

Elma was grilled by Dan and Lizzie Cundy about her love life, visibly coy when asked if she'd coupled up with Callum outside of the vila.

She said: "No. He's a very handsome boy, yes." When the 26-year-old was pressed on whether or not the pair had been on a date, she replied; "I don't want to talk about this.

"I've not snogged him no. I don't do kisses. Kisses lead to more and I'm not doing more." However, she did add: "Ain't he adorable?"


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The pair were spotted looking cosy while sharing a bottle of wine in London's Mayfair.

Elma can be seen throwing her head back with laughter as Callum smiled at her, and it's a damn cute snap if we do say so ourselves.

Elma had coupled up with 24-year-old Scot, Anton Danyluk, before she was voted out of the villa. She appears to have had her head turned by the handsome aircraft engineer, that's for sure.


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Just last week, the eyelash technician shocked viewers by admitting she had lied about her age to get on the show, saying she was 23 rather than 26. 

She confessed while appearing on the Love Island: Morning After podcast with Kem Cetinay and Arielle Free, saying she lied because she felt she wouldn't have been brought on the show otherwise.

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Producers are clearly gagging to shake things up in the latest Love Island series, having already decided to send the girls into Casa Amor rather than the boys this year.

The rival villa will house a brand new group of boys and girls who are all looking to find love as much as the originals

Most of them won't survive past the limited time which the neighbouring villa is open for, but a lucky few may be chosen as a couple partner. They'll have to turn heads and tread on toes, however…

For those who don't get chosen after the few days, well…it is what it is.

We've decided to do a full scope on the newbies, for personal research reasons. There are definitely a few big personalities in the bunch, who do you think will be chosen?

The Boys

1. Stevie Bradley: age 21


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The 21-year-old student from the Isle of Man describes himself as "a cheerful, happy, charming, funny bloke".

Rating himself as an 8 out of 10, he thinks his best feature is his blue eyes. Who is he interested in "cracking on" with? "Lucie would be my number one".

He's still open to dating some of the other ladies, however; "Arabella is beautiful, I couldn’t believe my eyes when she walked through the villa. Maura is also stunning."

Arabella was voted out last night, so that's out the window, but maybe Maura will go for him. Lucie's still single, will she take a shine to him over Joe Garratt?

2. Marvin Brooks: age 29


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The personal trainer and ex-Royal Navy officer is from Bournemouth, and spells trouble for the Island with his divisive nature.

Harry Redknapp's personal trainer describes himself as "strongly opinionated and very competitive".

He added: "I speak my mind, but that can upset people sometimes. I am very quick to judge, and sometimes do that too quickly. I’m not very empathetic either."

Marvin, who rates himself an 8.7 out of 10,  said:

"Anna has definitely caught my eye but then recently Lucie has as I feel like she’s very similar to me in the sense that if she doesn’t want to hang around with a group she won’t force herself to do, which I’ve admired."

In terms of making friends with the boys, he's ruled out two already; "Danny might be a bit boring and Curtis irritates me," he said.

3. Dennon Lewis: age 22


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The professional footballer from Watford describes himself as "very positive" and with "decent banter", but gets "annoyed with people that have bad hygiene".

Dennon is loving fiery villa resident Maura, and has his eye firmly set on her; "I do like how Maura is turning out to be. She’s really feisty and could be a handful."

On his relationship with fidelity he said: "I’ve cheated in the past but I was seeing someone exclusively, not technically in a relationship." Hmmm…

4. George Rains, 22


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The builder from Essex has a self-described "positive energy and mindset" and says: "I’m outgoing and I’m a good laugh. "

In terms of his looks, George said: "People compliment me on my jawline." Who has he got his eye on?

"Amber and Anna – Amber is my type, they are the sort of girls I’d go for looks-wise and Anna is really pretty and she’s got a nice body."

Asked whether he'd be down for breaking up a couple, George said: "If I see the girl I want and we have that connection, I’m going to go for it, I don’t have any loyalty to anyone in there at the moment."

5. Dan Rose: age 21


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The bathroom salesman from Nuneaton sees himself as "a cheeky lad" with "the gift of the gab". He rates himself a 10 for looks, which is pretty flattering…

"I would say 10 but… I should be modest so I’ll say 9."

On which girl he's interested in, Dan said: "I do fancy Amber but I know she seems loved up with Michael. I’ll test the water with it though. Then I’ll probably go for Lucie and Maura."

He came out with that timeless line: "I’m not bothered about treading on any toes."

6. Ovie Soko: age 28


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The Londoner is a pro basketball player and self-labelled "wildcard" in the competition; "I’m a competitor, it comes with my job, it’s built into my DNA."

On his skills as a practical type of lad, Ovie added: "I left home at 16 to chase my dreams as a basketball player and since then have lived in six different countries and come across different people and cultures."

He attended school with Alexandra Cane and mentioned his crush on Meghan Markle, but Ovie has his eye on Anna "from the beginning". Jordan's got competition.

The Girls

1. Lavena Back: age 23



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The business developer from Crodon wants to sell some romance and describes herself as "a five times two out of ten." Apparently she's a mathematician too?

On her goal of finding love, Lavena admitted: "I’ve been on my own for four years so whoever I meet in there I will fall for."

Lavena has her eye on some of the guys, having had a big crush on Jack Fowler from last year's line-up:

"If I had my pick, I’d probably go for Michael but I feel like he's really coupled up. But Anton seems very funny so we would bounce off each other."

2. Nabila Bada, age 29


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The hostess from London has a desire to be "an Arabian Princess in the villa". She wants to find the Aladdin to her Jasmine.

She claims that she'll "get on well with the boys", but is targeting one guy in particular:

"I have got my eye on Anton. I think he is cheeky and I think he’s misunderstood by the girls in the villa."

In terms of her own appearance, Nabila said: "I like my eyes and I like the fact that I have hips, my hips are really shapely so I like my hourglass figure.

3. Joanna Chimonides, age 22


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The recruitment consultant from London as a major downfall heading in: "I’m far too honest and sometimes I should keep my mouth shut." Amber's twin, maybe?

Luckily for the gals, she's reveres loyalty:

"Girl code is simply being honest to a girl’s face. If a girl is coupled up with someone and you want to get to know that person, then girl code for me is explaining exactly how you’re feeling to the other girl – it’s honesty and face to face."

She is hoping it's Anton or a man who will "give their all in a relationship".

4. Belle Hassan: age 21


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The Bromley make-up artist describes her greatest flaws; "I can be insecure at times I suppose and I am messy."

She's definitely confident about her looks, saying: "I would give myself a solid 8 or 9. I get a lot of compliments on my eyes and my boobs."

Belle said she has her eyes on Anton and Tom. Well, Tom's a goner so it's basically just Anton.

She's been mates with last year's winner Dani Dyer since childhood as her own father is The Football Factory actor Tamer Hassan, giving Belle a " link to the famous world". Sort of.

5. Jourdan Riane, age 24


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The Essex girl is a model and actress, and views herself as "impulsive, impatient and stubborn" but with "a bubbly personality".

On her connections to fame, the model said: "I did a double page spread for Elle last year, and I did Vogue Italia."

She'll get down to business to find her man:

"I’m going to have to tread on toes. Initially it gives me a knot in my stomach but I have to do what I have to do."

6. Maria Wild: age 22


A post shared by Maria Wild (@mariacarmelwild) on

The Cheltenham VIP host describes herself honestly as "clingy", saying: "I am emotional and I am loving."

She claims her best feature is her lips, Maria said: "I can be quite stubborn, I am an only child so I often expect to get my own way and I’m quite bossy."

She is scoping out Anton as a potential couple partner, but admits concerns: "Deep down, it is Anton but I just can’t stop thinking about when he went in and talked about having a wandering eye."

who knows time GIF by Love Island

Tune in tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media to get the first glimpse at the Love Island Casa Amor contestants.

Feature image: ITV


Elma Pazar has admitted to lying about her age to get on the hugely popular reality TV show, Love Island.

The eyelash technician was only voted out of the Spanish villa last week, after coupling up with the regularly-pied Anton Danyluk.

Elma spoke to Kem Cetinay and Arielle Free on the Love Island Morning After podcast about what life was like in the infamous villa and she confessed that she's 26, rather than 23.


A post shared by Elma Pazar (@elmapazar) on

She revealed: "I lied about my age on Love Island. I tell everyone I'm 23, it's a real issue. I'm 26 but now everyone knows it because they said they couldn't lie for me."

The oldest current contestant is Tom Walker, who is 29-years-old, but the 19 contestants have an average age of 24. Tommy, Molly and Amber are all only 20.

Amber Gill notoriously branded Callum, her former couple partner and first person to leave the villa, 'old' when he said he was 28.


A post shared by Elma Pazar (@elmapazar) on

Elma recently told The Sun Online that she was desperate to couple up with Joe Garrattm but he was loved up with Lucie Donlan.

Pazar revealed that the Essex lad was her real type in the villa, and she wished he'd been single; "Having gotten to know them all and living with them all, I think Joe.

"He's a southerner like me and he's really nice. He has a certain banter, and you get on with some people more than others and I think I really got on with him," she added.


A post shared by Joe Garratt (@josephgarratt) on

Elma's former Love Island partner Anton was branded a 's**t stirrer' last night after saying he didn't think Tommy and Molly's relationship would last in the villa.

When Tommy asked Anton if Molly-Mae was 'playing a game' with him, he replied: "“It’s not for me to say, mate, it’s got nothing to do with me.

"You know what your relationship is like, it’s not for me to say.” The 24-year-old Scot has moved on quickly after Elma left the villa, going on a date with Arabella and scouting for a chance with Lucie.

Feature image: Instagram/@elmapazar