Artist paints miniature pictures on eyelids to promote anti-bullying


Eyeshadow can be hard to master, even the simple smoky eye can leave you looking as if you have a broken nose.

However, this is not the same for professional make-up artist and blogger Tal Peleg. As you can see from the below photos, Tal is pretty talented at eyeshadow.

In fact, the make-up artist is so talented with an eye brush that she can recreate scenes from novels, films and fairy tales on eyelids – yes, eyelids! Pretty impressive!

The young Israeli artist is now putting her skill to good use and is using it to promote important social issues. Her latest project Window to the Soul includes the below incredible anti-bullying image with the caption: “words can be dangerous, use them wisely.”


Using just eyeliner, eyeshadow and appliqué particles, the artist really knows how to impress! Take a look at her pictures below: