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Those of us who go head-to-head with our oily skin daily will relate to the eternal struggle of wanting to have hydrated skin, but trying not to look like a high-shine mirror throwing out spotlight reflections from our faces. IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK, PEOPLE?

It’s fine. I’m fine. The shine show must go on.

Now that it’s Winter, the game is changing. We’ve put together a Beauty Bible of sorts on the Great Oily Skin Battle of 2018. It’s a thing.

Our skin of course is more than just dry, oily, acne-prone etc. We are nuanced beings, and this is no different when it comes to our skin.

The question is, why do some of us suffer more from oily skin in the winter, and others suffer with dryness?

It seems unfair, between having to glue ourselves to our hot water bottles and getting up when it’s still dark, why should our skin be causing us problems on top of that?

Michele Farber of Schweiger Dermatology Group claims that: “Skin can become more oily as a mechanism to compensate for excess dryness. The skin will overcompensate in sebum or oil production to moisturise itself.” 

Rude much? Never fear, we're here to save the shiny day. Here are our top tips for combating oily skin during winter, thank us later…


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1. Prioritise and Moisturise

You might think that moisturising skin which is already oily is a mistake, how ever oily skin compensates for excess dryness, so keeping it hydrated is KEY.

The right moisturiser for you is like getting a bra fitting, it can be a hassle but so worth the results if you’re patient enough. Each and every one of us has unique skin cells, so it can be next to impossible to find the skin regime for us.

There are dozens and dozens of moisturisers on the market, but our personal recommendation is to use one with Vitamin E.


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2. Watch your Tone

Yon-Ka ESSENTIALS have the BEST lotion on the market – it’s an alcohol free invigorating mist for normal to oily skin and contains five essential oils. Their ESSENTIALS range start your beauty regime the right way- with cleansing.

They work to gently purity and optimise the effectiveness of your everyday care regimen, and leaves your skin soft and hydrated.

Use after cleansing and spray onto the face as a mist in the  morning and at night for best results.


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3. Avoid using petroleum jelly
According to make-up artist Katey Denno, petroleum jelly (Vaseline) can create the illusion of granting us moisturised skin, but actually the substance suffocates your pores.

It’s water-repellant and not water-soluble, so it actually just seals the barrier so that moisture cannot leave the skin.

Basically you're actually drying out your pores by keeping out the air and moisture, while it's thick texture makes it tricky to cleanse the skin. It's literally a lose-lose, gals.


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4. Tea Tree Oil

Hot showers in the winter are widely recognised as stripping your skin of it’s essential oils, thereby preventing it from achieving moisture.

By using tea tree oil with warm water, this makes up for the loss of moisture and brings your skin back to its supple self in no time.

5. It’s all about keeping the pores happy

Changes in the weather make our pores hella cranky.

Environmental causes are some of the major factors in skin issues, meaning that our pores have a bit of a ‘mare in the winter especially. Our skin has its own survival techniques which can be the bane of our facial lives, but really it’s just trying to do it’s job.

6. Don’t let it dry out

Farber also claims that “If your skin is dry, it’ll often feel tight and have a white-ish flaking more diffused all over the face. Oily skin will often concentrate around sebaceous areas, like the T-zone, and pores in this areas may be visibly larger.”

Dry skin translates to an overproduction of sebum and oils, most likely because of the extreme temperate changes from freezing cold outdoors to overheated indoors.


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7. Keeping your skin cleansed is a MUST- no matter what type you are.

Yon-Ka ESSENTIAL Masque 103 is a purifying, clarifying mask which may actually save your skin, become the love of your life and have your kids all at once. A bold claim for a bold product.

This detoxifying mask contains three types of clay which purify the skin, tighten pores, brighten the complexion and leave it with an exceptional glow.

Glow up, shine down. It's ideal.


Drink as much water as you are physically capable of every day, and your pores will thank you for it- guaranteed. Everyone needs different amounts, the two litres per day ‘fact’ is most likely a myth but if your body is dehydrated then so is your skin, that math adds up.

9. Use a clean towel whenever you are washing that lovely face of yours!

You don’t want any bacteria present in the towel to be transferred right back onto your face. Pat your skin dry instead of roughly trying to rub the make-up or skin cells off.

Clean towels prevent oily skin and breakouts, so they’re essentially your undercover guardian angel. Wash them at LEAST once a week, folks.

There you have it, nine core tips for surviving the winter with oily skin.

Remember that each person is totally unique, and research and discover what products feel right for you. Treat your skin with the care and calm it deserves, you’ll be radiant and glowing in no time without the unwanted shine.


Let's be frank – there are more pressures heaped on millennial shoulders than ever before. 

Be it stress at work, relationship issues, social media pressure, the housing crisis, or mental health struggles, it's safe to say we have quite a lot going on. 

However, it's essential to be mindful when it comes to taking the time to relax, unwind and recuperate from the stress of the day. 

In this hectic world where harmony has become a luxury, allowing body and mind to come together as one is a priority.

Aromatherapy is used across the board in various wellness practices to promote the rebalance of the mind.

From the incense burning at your yoga class to the invigorating ingredients used in your aromatherapy massage, scent has much to be celebrated for when it comes to establishing a mood or ambience. 

It's now easier than ever to incorporate this practice into your routine, to promote specific feelings, be they of energy, relaxation or nourishment for the mind and body. 

There are a number of products available that combine aromatherapy and mindfulness that you can use day to day in your own beauty and relaxation ritual. 

No spa appointments necessary – although feel free to lash on a face mask and light some candles. 

Yon-Ka Lait Hydratant, €35.00, Yon-Ka Phyto-Bain Bath Oil, €39.00

Yon-Ka have introduced a lush range of skincare products that take their inspiration from four key aromatic elements which evoke unique auras. 

For those of us feeling fatigued and in need of an energising effect, there's the Detox range – melded with powerful and re-balancing essential oils.

The Lait Hydratant promises to leave the skin hydrated and replenished, with it's combination of vegetable glycerin, grape seed and sweet almond oil. 

The classic Phyto-Bain uses essential oils like Lavender, Everlasting, Petitgrain, Rosemary and Sage that claim to tone the skin and 'drain' it to detoxify. 

For a more relaxing vibe, essential oils from sunflower, sesame and baobab are called for. 

Ideal for use before bed time, the Yon-Ka Huile Délicieuse's light formula quickly penetrates the skin, leaving behind a nourished texture and a soft scent to take you off to Leaba Land. 

Applying it to the right pressure points and gently massaging can promote a feeling of wellness, and combined with a great eye mask, can increase the feeling of calm for an enveloping night of sleep. 

With sleep being the catalyst for proper brain function and alacrity, expect to feel refreshed and replenished.

Yon-Ka Gommage Sucre, €36.00

If baths and mini-massage sessions just aren't practical additions to your night time routine, the incorporation of the right shower scrub could be just the ticket. 

Once again utilising the power of scent and essential oils, Yon-Ka has introduced two delicious (but sadly not edible) scrubs to their line-up, inspired by the regions of France. 

Yon-Ka Gommage Sucre promises to scrub away the stress of the day or the shackles of sleepiness with white and brown sugar as the active ingredient. 

The sugars are enhanced with sunflower oil to gently exfoliate the skin and aromatically invigorate the user. 

After showering with the scrub, light some incense to further your feelings of replenishment, or opt for a cup of energising ginger tea. 

The addition of taking five ot 10 minutes to really consider your wellbeing, and incorporate scent as a promoter of eudeamonia among the average routine can have your mind feeling more peaceful in mere moments, adding joy, positivity and wellness to the day.


We're all about a spot of treat yo'self pampering here at SHEmazing! You, your mates – lounging around in fluffy white robes being soothed by dolphin-enfused holistic music. 

After all, every so often wonderful ladies deserve wonderful spa-day treats.

It's just a pity that actually getting a date in the diary that suits everyone is a major pickle AND these things tend to be pretty pricy. 

Step forward our new favourite compromise: the Yon-Ka skincare range. Already in more than 5,000 spas globally, the French-made products are created with plants, fruits, and marine extracts and are designed to balance, soothe, revive and rejuvenate. 

The fruit acids moisturise and enhance the complexion, vitamins combat free radicals, seaweed re-mineralises and plant oils nourish and soften.

To which we say: “YEEEESSSSSS!”

Some standouts? The award-winning Yon-Ka lotion and the Yon-Ka Nutri protect hand cream.

The brand also boosts some well known Irish names and faces among its fan-base: think Chloe Townsend, Holly White, Ruth Monahan, and Pamela Flood.

At-home, luxurious spa-spiration? Hurrah!

Yon-ka skincare is available from approved salons nationwide. For local stockist information visit www.yonka.ie