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The Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie, along with their older sister, Kim, have drawn some unwanted attention on themselves since last night’s MTV VMA Awards.

The trio, who attended the event together, were seen using their phones during a tribute for Ferguson last night.

The city of Ferguson, in Missouri, has been struck by tragedy since the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager who was fatally shot by a police officer.

The death of the teen has sparked outrage in the city which has resulted in riots and increased levels of violence.

At last night’s VMA’s, rapper, Common, lead a moment of silence for Michael Brown, whose funeral is being held today, and for peace all over the world.

Really not the best time to be caught on camera on your phone, as the girls were…

The internet has since responded the best way it knows how, with many people tweeting things like:

It will be interesting to see how the Kardashian camp deal with this major faux-pas…




Ooh, there is going to be a lot of angry Ed Sheeran fans out there after this!

Miley’s MTV VMA Awards appearance was not quite as controversial as last year and she managed to keep her tongue inside her mouth all night, but did hit the headlines for two reasons.

First, there was the amazing thing she did for a struggling homeless man, Jesse.

When it was announced she had won the VMA for Video of the Year for Wrecking Ball, instead of going up on stage herself, she sent Jesse up in her place.

Jesse delivered a moving speech about the struggle for homeless people in Los Angeles while Miley looked on in tears.

This really made a change to the impression she made at last year's VMA when she twerked on stage with Robin Thicke (remember him?) 

The second thing? Oh, she called Ed Sheeran an a**hole.

Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof, in GIF form.

He’s possibly the nicest guy in showbiz – could it be the Taylor thing?

Or, it could also be that time Ed slightly dissed her, saying: “It’s a stripper’s move. If I had a daughter of nine, I wouldn’t want her twerking.”

Ed later apologised for his comments: “Something said in jest when I was drunk is being misquoted now, just wanna make it clear I genuinely like mileys music a lot.”

Not so sure she accepted your apology, Ed…!



Kim Kardashian’s bum is probably the most famous in the world these days – sorry Jennifer Lopez.

So, it was only natural that it caught the attention of a certain singing superstar last night, yes, we’re looking at you, Usher!

The Burn singer got caught dirty sneaking a peek at Kim’s famous behind on the red carpet at last night’s VMA Awards.

Kim was wearing a colourful seventies style minidress as she posed for photos on the red carpet, as Usher passed by, checking her out and photobombing her at the same time – skill!

Somehow, we’re not too sure Kanye will appreciate your humour Usher, but we do!

Usher isn’t the only one to get caught looking at Kim’s bum in recent weeks, the reality TV star shared an image of a security guard checking her out on her Instagram account last week.

We wonder if she will share her opinion on Usher’s wandering eyes!




People didn’t know where to look when Nicki Minaj’s dress split while ON STAGE at the VMA Awards last night.

Following her explosive performance of new single, Anaconda, Nicki returned to the stage to join Jessie J for new song, Bang Bang.

Unfortunately for the rapper, it seems her black minidress had other ideas and the zipper had completely split, as Nicki tried as professionally as possible to keep the dress together and make her way through the song.

Thankfully, she managed to make it through the stage performance without actually exposing anything, which was pretty impressive!

Meanwhile, Ariana Grande and Jessie J looked none the wiser to Nicki's indiscretion, or at least they certainly didn't let it show!

As they say, the show must go on!

Shortly after the incident, #DidNicki began trending on Twitter, with many people wondering what actually happened up there – was it a wardrobe malfunction or a publicity stunt?

Hmm, so which was it Nicki? A wardrobe malfunction or a "wardrobe malfunction"? 



There’s no denying that A-list designer Roberto Cavalli knows exactly how Miley Cyrus likes to wear– or not wear – her clothes.

With plenty of glitter and unsurprisingly tight hot pants, the Italian designer gave the 21-year-olds’ fans a taste of what’s to come for her Bangerz tour.

The Wrecking Ball singer also dropped a few hints as she said the tour is “literally based on animals.”

After the teddy bear themed performance at MTV’s VMA, it isn’t surprising that Miley would go for an animal theme once again.

The tour is due to start in Vancouver on the 14th of February – Not a bad way for the twerk master to spend Valentine’s Day.





and here’s a picture that never gets old……